Posts, The Reader, And Paragraphs

I received a message from Stevie Turner to let me know that the recent episode of ‘Outside’ that she read appeared as one complete block of text, with no paragraphs.

As I go to a lot of trouble to use paragraphs to separate events in this long serial, I find it very annoying that WordPress has done this.

I suspected this was happening because Stevie reads my posts using The Reader facility, instead of on my blog page. This was the case, as she confirmed for me.

The only reason I can guess at, is that I am still using the original 2012 Classic Editor. So I presume that some part of the WordPress software is presenting this in Block Editor format on The Reader, as one huge ‘Block’.

My apologies to anyone else who has been experiencing this, I didn’t know it was happening on my blog until this morning, as I never use The Reader.

48 thoughts on “Posts, The Reader, And Paragraphs

  1. Following links to posts about the WP Classic Editor, and you are correct about the “lost paragraphs” bug for some posts when viewed in the WP Reader. It’s fine on your website, but anyone who views it in the Reader, not so much. FWIW, you might like this post I just published about this bug between the Classic Editor and the WP Reader.

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  2. I don’t like getting so many emails so I find most of most posts from blogs I follow in the Reader but visit the blog site from there. Many block editor features do not display properly in the Reader, including many Images blocks. So many of my photos would not look as I intended if followers only read my blog in the reader. Obviously the reader needs some work!

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  3. Pete, until recently I never perused The Reader – until I realized that I wasn’t getting email notifications of several blogs I follow, but they were in my reader…so I go there now regularly to avoid missing anything – and haven’t noticed any “block” configuration on any other blog…hmmmm…wordpress ALWAYS keeping it interesting, huh?

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  4. I long ago gave up trying to understand technological changes. If I can work my way around that’s what i do but often I am totally flummoxed. Like with my new phone which refuses to transfer photographs to my PC.

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    1. My PC also failed to recognise my (Chinese-made) Oppo phone when I got it. I have never been able to transfer anything from my phone unless I send it as an email first.The guys at the phone shop said it was Microsoft US banning connections with Chinese-made products for ‘security reasons’. But that didn’t affect a friend’s Huawei phone. (Also made in China)
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  5. I don’t know when that started, Pete, but I’ve read other bloggers mention – maybe a year ago or so – that posts could not be seen in the reader the same way as before. The reader from then on gave something more like an “overview”, without the original formatting. Something in the back of my (old) brain seems to remember that the reason behind this – according to WP – was that it was better for people who read the posts through an app.
    From then on you’d have to click on the title of the post in the reader for it to appear in the proper intended fomatting.
    I just checked: on my smartphone it appears in the correct formatting, when I access it through the app and the reader.
    So, once again, WP caters more to the smartphone-generattion.
    Have great weekend,Pit

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    1. During my very long debate with WP about the Block Editor, their catering for Tablet and Phone users was mentioned many times, Pit. Seems they think the PC is going the way of VHS tapes. 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. I am pretty confident, that WP for computers will always be there. Too many big companies – and that’s where WP’s money comes from – use computers and not cellphones. It’s just that WP in our times needs to make things convenient for smartphone users, too.

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  6. I don’t think I’ve ever ready anyone else’s blog in Reader; I used to read your posts from the notification email, unless there were images included — my email client isn’t set to automatically download them, but I can if I want to — but now, for some reason, the emails are always truncated [like when you reblog], so I have to follow the link to the WordPress site for your blog, to read the complete post. Not a problem, of course, but your blog’s formatting always looks fine. Cheers, Jon.

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    1. I changed the setting recently to have the truncated notification. The idea of doing that was to direct people to the blog so they would read the post on there as it was meant to be seen. I hope that is working for most followers, and I am sure they will let me know if it is annoying.
      Best wishes, Pete.


      1. I know that Pete. It is just SObfrustrating. You just get used to one thing, abd then they change it. And if you are blind it is even worse. Like that pop upbthat keepscappearingcasbyou open up the ‘Write” box – I couldn’t read it, and because I couldn’t see how to getvrid of it I couldn’t make my post! It was an advert giving youbsteps to usung Block Edutor! I do yse it anyway but hey ho! Good job hubby could tell me what to do with it! Xx

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      1. I don’t know why sometimes people who have followed my blog for a long time and commented without problems, suddenly apppear as “ananymous” and have to be approved by me. Then, for a while, they can comment under their proper log-in name, but the same happens again.It baffles me.

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