Another Twitter Thank You

I haven’t been very active on Twitter during the last few weeks. No idea why that is, it just happened.

But I try to check in from time to time to retweet some of your tweets, and regularly share posts on Twitter too.

Logging on today, I noticed more than 30 notifications of retweets and likes on some of my Twitter activity. So I would just like to thank you all again, as I don’t seem to ever get around to individual Thank You tweets.

You know who you are. 🙂

Best wishes, Pete.

Lockdown: The Blog Explosion

There have been lots of things online about what people are doing to take their minds off the pandemic crisis, and having to stay at home. Some have taken up Art, others cooking or exercising, and many are creating funny video clips using platforms like Tik-Tok.

But a growing number of people have started a blog. Whether it is something they always wanted to do, or the idea appeared in their minds like a light-bulb moment, new blogs are arriving in their hundreds on a daily basis. In the last few weeks, I have had around 40 new followers who have only just started their own blog. And that’s just me.

Many of those blogs have taken the form of ‘Coronavirus Diaries’, which is understandable. They will one day be of huge importance to future historians. Many other blogs are centred around fiction and poetry, as people make use of the extra free time to express themselves at long last. Some of the blogs have little content, often just one or two posts, or some photos. Those bloggers will either learn how to manage blogging better, or might just give up on the idea.

However, some of them have wonderful writing, with the sense that the blogger has always wanted to write, and finally has the opportunity to do so. Others have spoken about inner turmoil, fears, hopes, aspirations, love, and family.

Seeing all these new bloggers cheers me greatly, and I hope that most of them continue to blog when this is finally all over.

Meanwhile, I say “Welcome” to all of you starting your blogging journey.

A Very Popular Post

In 2016, I published a post containing photos of a nearby abandoned farm.

Since then, it has continued to be popular with readers, and it gets regular views every week, sometimes every day. For the benefit of the many new followers, I reblogged the post earlier this year, and it was well-received once again.

But rarely has it been so popular is it has today.

Noticing a spike in my stats, I looked to see what had caused an unusual afternoon increase in blog views. I was surprised to discover that the 2016 post has received no less than 120 views, since I logged on this morning.

Being realistic, I suspect this has been caused by one of the notorious ‘Spam Bots’ malfunctioning, and becoming stuck on that same post 130 times.

But wouldn’t it just be lovely, if one reader liked it so much that they had looked at it 130 times?

Some more blogging frustrations

Just when it is the most inconvenient time, my keyboard has decided to play silly buggers. That, or my PC is about to expire, now Windows 7 is no longer backed up.

After problems with the errant ‘W’, the ‘M’ has joined in the game. On top of that, the keyboard keeps being failed to be recognised by my PC, despite being ‘reinstalled’, and the PC rebooted.

So I am merrily typing away, only to look up and discover that nothing is appearing in the text box, and the lights have gone out on the keyboard. Then they come on again, and I type a few words before they stop halfway through a sentence. The local PC repair shop has closed for a Virus Shutdown, and I don’t want to invest in a new PC at the moment.

This has happened no less than ten times, just typing this short post.

So that’s why the serial fiction is on hold for now, and my posts will be considerably shorter for some time.

Still, that might be good news for some of you! 🙂 🙂

Just back, not even trying to catch up.

Hello everyone. I made it back without incident, despite now being officially one year older.

I got the PC working eventually, (that’s another story) to discover that I had close to 100 posts to catch up on. That is never going to happen, so I have deleted them all, and started from scratch this afternoon.

Apologies to everyone for missing your posts, but even just a short time away, and I was inundated.

As for my serial, there will be another episode later tonight, or possibly tomorrow.

Because of panic-buying caused by the virus scare, we have to go out to try to find some food for the rest of this week.

I hope everyone is doing well, and that nobody has fallen victim to Coronavirus 19. Fingers crossed that our blogging community is not affected.

They are recommending here that we self-isolate. My normal life is self-isolation except for walking Ollie, so I might be alright.

Another Blogging Absence

Regular readers may recall that it is my birthday next week.

I am going away for a few days, to celebrate by visiting friends and relatives. Ollie will be coming too, so don’t worry about him.

As a result, I will not be online very much from Friday 13th until Tuesday the 17th.

Obviously, there will be no new episodes of the fiction serial during that time, or any other posts from me. I will also be unable to comment on your posts, or answer any on mine.

Once I get back on Tuesday, I will do my best to catch up.
But it is unlikely that I will be keeping up with any of your posts, so my apologies in advance.

I like to let you know, in case you think I have died! 🙂

Best wishes to everyone, Pete.

I just noticed this

I haven’t been looking at my stats that much this week, but as I published today’s short story, I did notice this on my admin page.

3,035 Posts

I have tipped over the 3,000 posts mark, and only just noticed.

That is a lot of posts. No wonder I have trouble remembering some of them.

So, thanks to everyone who has read them.

Issues and Views

Yesterday, I had some frustrating issues with WordPress over logins, comments, and verification codes.

That generated five posts on this blog, as I expressed my frustrations, warned other bloggers, and finally told everyone it was resolved.

Late last night as I logged off my PC, I checked the stats on my blog for that day. Despite not having posted the episode of my fiction serial, and only posting about my blogging woes, I was amazed to see that it was my biggest day EVER for views on this blog, after more than seven years.

Well over 600 views in twelve hours, beating the previous busiest day by almost seventy views.

I cannot help but conclude that if you want to really boost your readership, then have a good moan about WordPress!

Fresh Start

After all my issues with WordPress today, they finally sorted it out, and even admitted that it was them. So not me, nor Microsoft then.

But by the time it got sorted, I had to take Ollie out, and then drive down to town to the cinema, to see ‘1917’.

I am just back, and found over 60 posts listed in my email. I am never going to be able to catch up with them, so have just deleted them all, I’m afraid.
I will do my best to answer all your comments on my posts though.

And there is no episode of “Home About Six’ today, either. Apologies to those reading that.

I will have a fresh start tomorrow morning, when hopefully WordPress will be stable.

Best wishes to everyone, Pete.

Getting behind on the blog

Just a short post to apologise to everyone.

I have had a few things to do this week, and have to go out for a while again today.

Lots of your posts have been piling up in the meantime, and I haven’t had a chance to catch up with everyone.

I have tried to reply to the comments on my posts, and there will be an episode of the new serial out later.

I will have time to catch up on everything after today, so bear with me.