Guest Post: Nadine Gordon

I am happy to present a guest post from Canadian blogger, Nadine Gordon. It is about the situation in her country as she sees it, and a protest movement involving many people, led by the Trucking Community. Nadine’s opinions are her own, and not mine.

Eighteen Wheels of Freedom
February 1, 2022 by Nadine Gordon

Dear Readers,

I’m not sure if you’ve heard about the Eighteen Wheels of Freedom slow rolling across Canada from east to west, north to south destined to meet at our Nation’s capital in Ottawa.

Canada is a country with many cultures and belief systems. Canadians are amicable, hard working, intelligent people who enjoy life. We have a great sense of humor. We value laughter. But, above all, we value what freedoms we are afforded.

However, we are struggling to retain our freedoms during these ongoing episodes of pandemic paranoia. Never ending rules, regulations and changes in policies inflicted by federal and provincial leaders make the most law abiding citizen reel. They dangle our freedom before us like a carrot as they steadily move our reward beyond our grasp with even more mandates. For example, the 90% vaccine compliance in Alberta promised a “Best Summer Ever,” reward which if you remember correctly was quite short lived. Then they introduced the QR Code so we could supposedly get back to normal but, you have to have to present one before you can join any social activity.

If anyone has the audacity to voice their protest, our Prime Minister describes them as ‘tinfoil hats’ or ‘conspiracy theorists.’ He believes Canadians are meek and complacent people who will do exactly what he wants because, “we are in this together.”

Meanwhile, we’ve lost friends, we’ve lost family and we’ve lost businesses as one by one the Government targets industries and groups with its coercive vaccination measures, passports and nonsensical tax hikes.

The state of our country or, that of any other country in the world since the pandemic began is unbelievable. The Main Stream Media here is the same as elsewhere – it’s all politically motivated pandemic propaganda or twisted with distractions designed to hide politically motivated strategies. When exactly is enough, enough?

It takes a lot to get under a Canadians skin or ruffle our feathers. We are known as humble people in Canada but, I’ve always said when the silent majority has had enough of the rhetoric, the world will sit up and take notice.

Too much power in the hands of the wrong person is dangerous. Those who think they are all powerful always want to push for more of it. This was Prime Minister Trudeau’s mistake. He rolled the dice once too often and it landed on the Transportation Industry. Heady on his own importance, and drunk on power he decided to enforce more stringent mandates January 15th, 2022 for Truck drivers – in particular these mandates influence long haul drivers crossing back and forth across the American line forcing any not vaccinated into 14 days of quarantine. The majority of Truck Drivers are vaccinated. Are more restrictions on an already strained industry which carried goods of all kinds across Canada and the United States for 2 years at the height of the pandemic really necessary?

Trucker’s CB’s cracked the airway. They’d had enough!

The Trucking Industry is a tight knit community. I know this. I come from a three generation trucking family. I grew up on the smell of diesel fuel with the sound of air horns and jake brakes. My Father has driven a semi for over 60 years. He’s driven a tractor trailer more miles backwards than Justin Trudeau or associates will ever drive forward! I am proud to be a truck driver’s daughter, sister, wife and mother. I know full well how the bread and butter got on my table! And, in this family we dually represent.

Looks like we got us a convoy!

Freedom Convoy 2022

Freedom Convoy 2022 was organized by Tamara Lich a proud Canadian Métis woman. The convoy left British Colombia on January 23rd, 2022 bound for Ottawa to protest against the vaccine mandate placed on all cross-border truck drivers. The convoy is a bid for freedom.

“Fellow Canadians, the time for political over reach is over. Our current government is implementing rules and mandates that are destroying the foundation of our businesses, industries and livelihoods. Canadians have been integral to the fabric of humanity in many ways that have shaped the planet.

We are a peaceful nation that has helped protect nations across the globe from tyrannical governments who oppressed their people, and now it seems to be happening here. We are taking our fight to the doorsteps of our Federal Government and demanding that they cease all mandates against its people.” Tamara Lich

Freedom Convoy 2022 is only the Western leg of the convoy. They came through Alberta on the TransCanada Highway on Tuesday the 25th, to find that the silent majority was not only standing in support of the movement but joining in the long trek to Ottawa with the peaceful brigade led by Big Red captained by its driver Chris.

“If anybody is acting out of line, being aggressive or being an agitator they are not with the group,” Lich has reiterated this time after time. So have the other organizers.

Their GoFundMe page exploded with donations in support of this Freedom campaign. Canadians want the over reach of Government mandates to end. At the time of this posting it was nearly at 10 million dollars and just like the amount of supporters, the amount increases steadily. This despite smear campaigns and rumors of Freedom Convoy 2022 funds being frozen.

Politicians are frothing at the mouth to jump on board in support of this rally but it isn’t affiliated with any political aspirations. However, it has become more than obvious that the time has come for Politicians to not only listen to the People, but, to take action and follow through with their words. People have lost faith in politicians – their credibility is wanting. The Left Wing Party is calling this a Right Wing Movement; this is the first tactic Politicians will use on either side to discredit a protest. But, there are people in this convoy with all types of beliefs, political and religious. They are the vaccinated, unvaccinated, partially vaccinated and come from all walks of life, education and culture. There are people of every color, creed and denomination, young and old. Everyone has come into contact with a Truck driver! They deliver our goods and services Coast to Coast! If you got it, a truck brought it!

I’ve unfortunately had to live this epic historical event vicariously – through the eyes of my family who are representing the transportation industry and others who have been kind enough to document their stories on social media en route to Ottawa. My heart has swollen with pride, over and over again while watching these live feeds – to the point that my eyes well with tears. I’m not the only one with this reaction. Truck drivers on social media have admitted to bouts of ugly crying.

My husband is the Happy Honker’s sidekick and one of the convoy participants. He says, “I feel like William Wallace,” then yells elated, “FREEDOM!” In the distance you can hear passionate supporters whose voices erupt in a chorus echoing the same word. It chokes me up…

These two guys, representing the Transportation Industry for our family, are on an adrenaline high as are all of the other Cowboys of the Highway. They are being seen as our modern day hero’s who announce their arrival with air horns blaring, and cries for freedom as they roll down the icy TransCanada through inclement winter weather on trusty steeds made of steel. They’re voices too, have cracked with sincere heartfelt emotion upon relaying the generosity, good will, greetings and stories they have and are encountering on their way to the Nations Capital.

Feelings like pride or hope are difficult emotions to describe.

Supporters unable to travel to Ottawa with the convoy took to the highway. They lined the roadways in -30 degree Celsius (-22F) below at the height of winter weather with flags, cheers, food, drinks and supplies. They stood in frigid weather for hours supporting a convoy that stretches farther than the eye can see. And, they’ve been doing it for days on end! These are people who have already been hit by hard times and they have opened their hearts and wallets to donate in every way possible to these unknown convoy patriots who are rolling down the highway advocating freedom. My heart is over-whelmed by the generosity I am witnessing.

People are sharing heart wrenching stories. Children are pleading for the truckers to unmask them. Then, with hands of innocence gift them with chocolate hearts, hand drawn pictures and messages of hope. Meanwhile, their parents are shoving boxes of groceries, snacks and bagged lunches at them. Who wouldn’t be touched by that?

To stay warm, they light bonfires and dress in layers. People are smiling, waving, dancing. The mood one of celebration with cries of freedom coupled with a symphony of air horns and enhanced with fireworks. January is one of the coldest months up here in the Great White North. The winter weather in January is extreme and has fallen to 30 below with a wind chill! But, in Canada people have a common goal and are determined to gather. Is there anything more Canadian? In spite of sub zero temperatures; this supportive camaraderie has not wavered for days.

Prior to the convoy arriving in Ottawa at Parliament Hill, PM Trudeau wasn’t worried. Smiling like a Cheshire cat he scoffed egotistically, “Just a small fringe minority.”

Turns out he grossly underestimated the turnout.

The Convoy has unofficially broken the Guinness World record in length. Besides the west leg of the convoy, groups also rolled in from the east, north and south. 50,000 semi’s, 1.3 million people and personal vehicles with another 10,000 U.S. trucks lined up at the border and more trucks rolling in every day. Ottawa is grid locked.

Instead of addressing the “small fringe minority,” it was reported that PM Justin Trudeau may have been exposed to Covid. He’d taken the rapid test and it was negative. He would be quarantining for 5 days at his Cottage.

Pardon my sarcasm but he probably had a bad case of the snivels!

Upon the arrival of the Convoy, semi’s circled the perimeter of Parliament Hill, air horns blasting, while others were escorted into the core by local law enforcement and RCMP to park. With the deafening rumble of diesel engines and air horns, I’m certain the Prime Minister had problems sleeping on the evening of January 29th. Therefore, Justin Trudeau and his family were whisked away for their safety – this normal security protocol when the Prime Minister or Government is under threat of terrorism. No doubt at all in my mind that the sound of 250 semi’s (those allowed to assemble on Parliament Hill) air horns blaring throughout the night could be found as terrifying!

No matter, Truckers are professionals. They were not surprised that PM Trudeau went into hiding and have had a contingency plan all along. They are prepared to wait until they deliver the results they promised their fellow Canadians. The precious cargo they plan to deliver is freedom. Truckers are accustomed to waiting. They have waited on loads, unloads and dispatchers their entire careers. They are more practiced at patience than Justin Trudeau. And, they are prepared to see the job through until it ends. They are armed with a well planned itinerary, food, supplies and fuel. They have a strategy to bear hug it out peacefully which has all but decimated aggravated mainstream media reporters and liberal agitators who continue to call them extremists.

What ridiculous statements. When was the last time you saw an extremist group unite an entire country or inspire the World?

The tone from the mainstream media is one of fear and panic. They first attempted to block any news of the freedom movement by refusing to cover it – they blanked it out completely, this turned out to be an epic fail – as are their attempts of discrediting this peaceful family rally through fear mongering, extremism and reports of vandalism all of which have been quickly rebutted by the attendees and organizers. Main stream media can’t control the narrative anymore and they don’t know how to deal with it so they are desperately grasping at straws.

In Canada if you want relevant news, you must seek it out via independent sources like those which can be found on social media. Social media takes down Independent News sites, journalists and personal sites on a regular basis. Any of these sites affiliated with Freedom Convoy 2022 have especially been picked on over the last week. They keep disappearing; this at the bidding of the tyrannical Liberal Government who seeks to control our freedom of speech. They have also ordered the shut down of traffic cameras thereby prohibiting any footage of the passing convoys being leaked to the public. They have even gone as far as scrambling tower signals in Ottawa in an attempt to silence Canada’s story of freedom.

Word got out.

Unlucky for the main stream media who are funded by government subsidies – the effort to block out real news had some backlash because they are missing out on the biggest story of the century.

Convoy organizers refuse to meet with them instead; they have taken their story to Independent News sources. As well, some of the best coverage I’ve seen about Freedom Convoy 2022 has been from our American neighbors or broadcasters abroad. These Freedom Convoy 2022 stories have inspired citizens in other peace loving countries to organize their own Convoys. We have a World-wide movement slow rolling across the Globe intent on putting an end to far reaching Covid mandates and re-storing freedom.

Canadian Parliament resumed Monday. P.M. Trudeau is a no show. He apparently has Covid for real now and is hiding out as dictated by his own far reaching plandemic mandates. This too a moment in history as it’s the first time he’s ever followed his own tyrannical policies.

Meanwhile, Truck drivers are nothing if not patient. They are in this for the long haul.

They’ve even offered to bear hug it out with the Prime Minister.

A healing hug like that could quell the Covid infection on Parliament Hill and squash out the remaining contents. I could think of worse things than being bear hugged by a truck driver Mr. Trudeau.

Freedom Convoy 2022 promises Canadians pandemic mandated tyranny is over.

They have already won as far as I’m concerned. I’m just waiting for the loser to concede.

In Canada, we are a gracious bunch. In the name of sportsmanship, we shake hands whether we win or lose. Come on Prime Minister Trudeau, I invite you to cross the social distancing divide and at least extend your hand in peace then bow out and leave the stage. The show is over. Enough is enough.

In ending, I would like to thank to all of the organizers of Freedom Convoy 2022! Your organizational skills and leadership are top notch! It has been an absolute pleasure watching an event like this unfold during the heart of winter! Only in Canada would that have ever been possible! May all protests aspire to be as peaceful as this one!

Thank-you to the Transportation Industry and the entire fleet of driver’s who have donated their time, energy and resources to stand for our Constitutional Rights and Freedoms.

Thank-you to all of the freedom loving patriots who stood along the highways and byways and those who have helped to spur this movement on, this including our RCMP, local police agencies, military and veterans. I will never be able to fully express my gratitude.

Thank-you to Canadians, Americans and those who are supporting our efforts Worldwide, you have successfully delivered hope on the whirling rainbows of eighteen wheels, something that our country was in desperate need of.

Truckers you have shown in a very short time span what can be accomplished when the silent majority rises and stands together in Unity. What an amazing feat! It’s been beautiful to behold. You definitely delivered!

My hat goes off to you all!

Roll on Big Wheelers! Safe Travels!

Proud to be Canadian!

Thank-you for following, reading, sharing and commenting – The Trefoil Muse

33 thoughts on “Guest Post: Nadine Gordon

  1. Congratulations on your bravery! Yes, freedom is what we have to defend. Here in Germany its nearly the same. Whoever criticises the politics is famed as an enemy. Thats not fair, and with such actions a government will not only distroy the bindings among the citizens, they could destroy the state itself. Best wishes, Michael

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  2. A most interesting post, Pete. In South Africa the lockdown measures have done more harm than good but, to be fair, governments didn’t know when it started what would work and what wouldn’t. Lockdowns don’t seem to make much difference.

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  3. My partner and I were talking about this just this morning. I had read about it, probably from the BBC and some US media. I did not realize the Canadian government had tried to hush it up. I would think that was very bad judgment. The truckers have kept us all going these past two years in some very trying times and without them we would be in a mess. It seems politicians in general have all got too big for their boots. They are terrified of the masses and are doing their best to keep us down, I have a lot of very cynical thoughts on this. I too am fully vaccinated as was my choice. It seems not such a big deal but the issues here are way beyond. I shall follow with interest. Thanks for sharing the post Pete.

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    1. Thanks for commenting! I believe with all of the pandemic information out there now people are able to choose for themselves now whether or not to be vaccinated without further Government mandates. That’s called freedom of choice. 😊

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  4. I’ve seen very little coverage of this major event, so I was happy to read Nadine Gordon’s blog post. Thank you for the information. Government overreach is definitely a “thing” these days, and it’s heartening to see the people rise up to defend its hard-won freedoms. Keep on truckin’!

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    1. I especially appreciate that the organizers and participants are doing everything thing they can to keep it peaceful including asking agitators to leave and working with the RCMP and local police forces to identify the unruly!

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  5. There were two pictures showing someone holding the swastika, he was never among the main group. The organizers have reiterated time and again this person is not with the convoy. There is a reward for anyone who can identify or lead to the whereabouts of this agitator. That is why the truth is so important! Thanks so much for reading! ❤

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      1. Thank-you Pete!
        I very much appreciate your sharing my story! ❤
        I apologize for not going more indepth on some of the comments however with the time difference, it is 6:30 a.m. here. As well, aside from blogging, I work so am really multi-tasking at the moment! Lol

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          1. Dear Pete

            Take care, do not rush to unnecessary conclusions. There are those who wish to undermine the truckers serious concerns. They may be government stooges or the evil elites ploy to tarnish right thinking people.

            Kind regards

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              1. I am English too, with Scottish and Welsh roots. But everyone came from one family originally, one race, and family stick together.

                So I offer my support to the Canadians, who in any event have strong Scottish roots, some at least, including presumably Nadine Gordon!

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        1. I have asked Nadine to answer your comment, Margie. I have found some reports that it is organised by anti-vaxxers, which I already knew. I am not against vaccination personally, and have had all three shots. But I do allow the opposite opinion, for balance. However, I do not allow any extremist politics like Nazism.
          Best wishes, Pete.

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        2. In reply to your comment, yes there were 2 pictures that were published by MSM of someone holding a swastika flag, the organizers have reiterated time after time this person is not with them. It us an agitator who was never near the main event. They and independent news have a reward of over $5000.00 for information leading to this person.
          That is why the real truth is so important here. Thank so much for reading! ❤

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          1. Although a bit understated, I appreciate your reply. I think that many of the truckers are frustrated that there is a cloud of racism is hanging over their cause, but it is there and cannot, or should not, be ignored. Quite a few of the organizers have very extreme ideas not just about the pandemic, but about race and nationalism and some are associated with extreme organizations. One might wonder if this was the plan all along and the truckers are being used as a vehicle for these larger agendas.

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            1. I can’t really comment on that except to say that there are all types of ordinary Canadian citizens there. People of all cultures!
              As to their backgrounds or prejudices, everyone is getting along from what I’ve seen… even the Legacy media haven’t published negativity with that…

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  6. Kudos to Pete for giving space to someone with differing views. I don’t know what the situation is like in Canada, or the government, but I would say that in general the only conceivable reason for imposing such restrictions is that they are necessary. Were they necessary here? I would say yes, lockdown saved many lives and in fact I think our government imposed lockdown too late, resulting in a higher death rate than in most of the rest of Europe.
    It is all the more tragic that this government has completely undermined the process by failing to abide by its own rules.
    One thing though, at least you have plenty of truck drivers. Thanks to Brexit we’ve lost half of ours.

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    1. Dear Sarada

      Sadly lockdown caused many deaths in the UK. This was the reason for excess deaths in the care homes as many elderly residents gave up hope and died of a broken heart, unable to see loved ones.

      And quite what went on in the care homes, who knows? No one from family or friends was allowed in as far as I’m aware.

      Lockdown had its pros and cons. Pros include people reassessing priorities. Cons included the deaths of course. No one cared for the care home residents who were alone and confused.

      I did this post if you are interested.

      Kind regards


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  7. Hi,
    We are with you in this pandemic situation. Justin Trudeau should take measurements with deep insight.
    This is against the culture of Canada.
    Keep up your voice against injustice.

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