Jane Bown: Protest In Photos

Jane Bown (1925-2014) was a photographer for the Observer Newspaper. She worked on a variety of assignments, and often photographed female protestors. I found this short selection of her ‘protest’ work online.

A woman using a handy bench to view the protest going on behind her. She must have turned for the photo.

Elderly ladies protesting about pension payments and the Winter Fuel Allowance. (This was the 1980s, not much has changed.)

A demonstration about something outside the Central Criminal Court, London. This building is better known as ‘The Old Bailey’.

The Women’s Peace Camp at Greenham Common, Berkshire. The protest against nuclear weapons being kept there lasted from 1981-2000.

Women leaving a hall to protest in favour of Family Planning.

A young couple handing out leaflets.

33 thoughts on “Jane Bown: Protest In Photos

  1. (1) Officer Conehead is monitoring the “Just Say No To Leather!” protesters. The female greaser in the leather jacket had sought out a safe position behind the officer so that she could watch. And then Jane showed up with a camera. (Plain Jane didn’t wear leather.)
    (2) “Private – No Rubbish Please.” At least the sign didn’t read, “No Private Pension Funds Please.”
    (3) And what crime did Old Bailey commit today? Apparently, he’s committed so many that they’ve named a court building after him!
    (4) Headline: “Hospital Reports Poison Mushrooms Eaten at Women’s Peace Camp.”
    (5) So which one is my fair lady?
    (6) Does the School for Atrocity hand out scholarships?

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    1. The Old Bailey is actually the address of the court in the City of London.
      Old Bailey, London EC4M 7EH

      A bailey was a fortification in medieval London, and gave its name to that area.

      ‘A bailey or ward in a fortification is a courtyard enclosed by a curtain wall. In particular, an early type of European castle was known as a motte-and-bailey. Castles can have more than one bailey. Their layout depends both on the local topography and the level of fortification technology employed, ranging from simple enclosures to elaborate concentric defences. In addition to the gradual evolution of more complex castle plans, there are also significant differences in regional traditions of military architecture regarding the subdivision into baileys.’

      Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Worn down, or too busy looking at Facebook and Netflix? Times have changed so much as far as protest is concerned. Though the Climate Change/Extinction Rebellion people keep busy. 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.

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