Phyllis: Part Five

This is the fifth part of a fiction serial, in 769 words.

When the car pulled in outside Paddington Station, Terence was impressed. Geoffrey wasn’t driving, it was a suit and tie driver in the front. A chauffeur driven hire car, much more luxurious than a taxi. The driver took the bag and put it in the boot. He gave Terence a knowing look that told him the man had sussed him immediately. But that didn’t matter, as Geoffrey was acting like a sex-starved teenager, keen to get Phyllis next to him in the back of the car.

Terence had chosen a respectable day dress for the journey. He could tell that Geoffrey was eager to touch him, and allowed a stroke around his left knee with no protest. On the way to Surrey, the old man couldn’t keep quiet.

“I have booked a table at the Country Club for dinner this evening. My housekeeper has left us a prepared lunch, and I have given her the rest of the weekend off. She won’t be back until Tuesday, so I really hope you can stay for two nights, if that suits your other commitments?” Terence confirmed that he could stay until Monday afternoon, and his new boyfriend beamed with delight.

“Oh, that’s more than I had hoped for. I have my own car at home, and will be happy to show you around. In fact, my oldest daughter has suggested a family meal on Sunday lunchtime. Everyone will be there to meet you, I admit I have already told them how lovely you are”. Terence smiled his acceptance, even though he already knew there would be no family meal on Sunday. By then, Geoffrey would have realised the truth.

Just over an hour later, the car turned into a long driveway leading to Geoffrey’s house in Virginia Water. Terence had smiled at the name of the area. He was a long way from being remotely virginial. But his online research about the area had told him that it was an enclave of the rich. So that suited his plans. He was feeling tired, as last night in the cheap hotel had been disturbed by fights on the landings, and the eventual arrival of the police at three in the morning. At least the turbulent night had given him time to do some more Internet research, using his phone on the hotel’s wi-fi.

Once the smirking hire car driver had departed, Geoffrey was keen to show him around the house. He was settled in his room, which was as big as his flat in Nottingham, then they ate the prepared lunch in a huge conservatory overlooking a garden as big as two football pitches, washed down with an expensive rosé wine. To give him some credit, the man kept his hands to himself in his own house. Terence had concluded that he would wait until they returned from the Country Club to make his move.

With the table booked for seven that night, Phyllis was given adequate time to prepare in her room. The black cocktail dress that Geoffrey liked so much was the chosen outfit, along with some very expensive black stockings, and a push-up bra that accentuated Phyllis’s fake cleavage. By the time the taxi arrived to take them to the Country Club, Geoffrey was almost salivating with desire.

He knew many of the people there, but seemed oblivious to the occasional stare at Phyllis. A small booth tucked away from the main dining area had been chosen. And he had also selected the menu and wines in advance, presumably to impress Phyllis. There were five courses, each accompanied by a different wine, and all impeccably cooked. During the meal, an effusive Geoffrey told Phyllis almost all of his lfe story, without any prompting.

Before the desserts arrived, Terence knew more about the children and grandchildren than he would ever need. He had also gleaned a huge amount of information about Geoffrey’s financial situation, all volunteered. It seemed he had an account there, as he just signed for the bill. The taxi arrived before eleven, and Geoffrey escorted him out like a gentleman.

During the short drive back in the taxi. Terence allowed a lot of leg-stroking as the tipsy man divulged much more information. “I would love to take you on holiday to my second home in The Maldives, Phyllis. I once considered retiring to live there, but my children were against it. So now I holiday there twice a year, but it would be so much better if you were there with me”.

That was impressive, and Terence was re-thinking just how much he would take from this mug.

40 thoughts on “Phyllis: Part Five

  1. (1) Did you hear about de lighthouse who beamed with de light?
    (2) Geoffrey Lawson is attracted to a male body. Geoffrey Chaucer was attracted to a bawdy tale.
    (3) “Terence confirmed that he could stay until Monday afternoon.” Geoffrey was heard singing Monday evening:
    🎵Monday, Monday
    🎵So good to me
    🎵Monday mornin’, it was all I hoped it would be
    🎵Oh Monday mornin’, Monday mornin’ couldn’t guarantee
    🎵That Monday evenin’ you would still be here with me
    (4) When going to Zion National Park, I take I-15 from Las Vegas to Utah. A scenic stretch of the highway is the drive through the Virgin River Gorge. The highway crosses the river several times in the gorge. “The Virgin River Gorge section of Interstate 15 is one of the most expensive parts of interstate highway ever constructed.” (Wikipedia)
    (5) Terence needs to be careful with the push-up bra. There’s nothing on his chest to keep the bra from being pushed up to his chin.
    (6) “Terence allowed a lot of leg-stroking…” Would that be the third leg?
    (7) Terence can’t take too much from the mug because he’s already had taken a lot from the wine glass.

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  2. Wow! Geoffrey has gone off the deep end in record time. I’ll be interested in his reaction after Phyllis gets what she wants (assuming Geoffrey is till around.)

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