The Selfish Genius

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Sarada Gray

I’m becoming obsessed by this theme right now. I wake in the early dawn and try to figure it out: what is the best way to live if you have an all-consuming talent? I am not content with the traditional models of ‘selfish genius’ which dictate that in order to follow your inner voice you have to ignore everything – and more crucially everyone – else. This is what male writers have traditionally done; and recently women are going there too: there’s a whole plethora of articles exhorting women writers to be selfish, to put themselves first, to ignore the children and carve out writing time.

Now, this needs a little deconstruction in the context of households where women have traditionally put themselves last. We were conditioned to ignore our own needs, or at best put them on the back burner. When everyone else’s needs have been satisfied, then…

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8 thoughts on “The Selfish Genius

  1. Have you thought of introducing Jim to the manly art of BBQ on the grill? Then there are the compostable paper plates. Seriously put your writing skill (which is a mix of imagination, spelling, and grammar) to use inventing ways for avoiding the things that keep you from writing (even if it means takeout or delivery). Warmest regards, Ed

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