An Alphabet Of Things I Like: N


As a child, the first nut I became familiar with was the Peanut. We called them ‘Monkey Nuts’ back then.

Later, Christmas celebrations introduced me to the Brazil nut. We had to have nut-crackers, and the shell of the Brazil nut was tough! These days, you can buy them already shelled.

Similarly, Walnuts became popular, and their shells were hard too. But in the days of supermarkets, you can also buy those already shelled.

Once I was old enough to travel abroad, I discovered the delicious Pistachio nut. This was also a popular ice cream flavour in Europe. Easy to shell, they became a firm favourite very quickly.

Of course, there are many other varieties of nut. The featured four are my personal favourites, and I prefer them natural, and unsalted. But I continue to enjoy them as a nutritious snack occasionally.

55 thoughts on “An Alphabet Of Things I Like: N

  1. My favorite part of Thanksgiving was the big bowl of mixed nuts in the shell that were out before dinner. There were two tools, a nutcracker and a little pick. Together we could attack any nut and extract all of its pieces. I remember the total satisfaction of getting through to the center of the Brazil nut.

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  2. (1) I’d rather spend cash on cashews. Apparently, cashews are only “considered” nuts, but anyone who says they aren’t nuts must be nuts.
    (2) Of course, I like all the nuts you mentioned, too. And that includes Brazil nuts, even though The Boys from Brazil don’t have a monopoly on them.
    (3) I particularly love almond slices on a hot fudge sundae! And that includes the other six days of the week, too!

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  3. Hold the salt! Which is just as well as I eat far too many. We buy them a kilo at a time and I have a handful almost everyday along with dried cranberries as a mid morning snack, and then again later in the day,and then again in the evening πŸ™‚ And now we are in walnut season I add them to the mix. And when we make a pesto, like this evening, its always with our walnuts. Sadly our hazelnut trees seem to be a favourite of the squirrels 😦

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  4. ALL of these are terrific Pete…interesting that here in the US there are suddenly so many more “peanut allergies”,, especially among children…I don’t remember a single kid having one when I grew up!

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    1. I remarked on that in a reply lower down, John. I never heard of a ‘nut allergy’ until I became an EMT in my late twenties. Seems like it is a new thing indeed.
      Best wishes, Pete.


    1. I like cashews, but not so much the salted ones. I do like salt, but strangely prefer nuts that are not salted. They are all getting much more expensive than they used to be, that’s for sure.
      Best wishes, Pete. x

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  5. Nuts have always been a favorite of mine…pecans, walnuts and almonds….pistachios are not as good as they once were…..the pink shell crunchy meat and salt were divine Those days are gone thanx for our embargo of anything Iranian…..a shame…the American nuts are just not hat good to me. chuq

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