Easing Off: An Update

I am now two weeks into my plan of easing off the blog for a while. Some of you will recall this post, at the end of May.

Easing Off

Since then, I have been publishing my fiction serial, and adding one other post most days. That has dropped my output from 4-5 posts most days, to one every day, two on some days.

The effect on the blog stats has been dramatic, proving that to a large extent that the more I posted, the more views followed. I have gone from 750-800 views a day, down to 325-360. This has freed up a considerable amount of time answering blog comments, and I have still been able to follow other blogs and comment on those posts as I did before.

Because the hot weather arrived, I have been walking Ollie earlier than usual, and the extra free time before and after those walks has meant that I have been able to tackle routine housework more regularly, and keep on top of cutting the grass and doing some weeding in the garden.

Easing off seems to have worked out well, and as long as the good weather is with us in Beetley, I will continue to do that.

Thanks as always to everyone who has stuck with me, the new followers who are still arriving daily, and the regular readers of my latest serial, one that I am very much enjoying writing.

54 thoughts on “Easing Off: An Update

  1. Enjoy the wonderful weather, Pete! Whenever again the UK will have such nice weather. 😉 Sorry, a little joke, but its for sure time to enjoy the weather in freedom, because the next lockdown will arrive. ;-( Have a beautiful Sunday! xx Michael

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  2. You bring up an interesting point Pete, the more you post, the more views you seem to get! I’ve always tried to post once a week, and my views are very stable and predictable. Maybe this summer I could try doing a few more then normal? And by the way, I’m so enjoying your new series Pete, I was away this weekend and had to catch up on the drive home! I sort of like reading them together as it’s hard to wait for the next chapter! Keep them coming! Warmly, C

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    1. I get around 160+ views per post. I have often wondered if I did 10 posts one day, would I get 1500 views? No idea, as I have never done that. Glad to hear you are enjoying’ The Job’. It is very much a favourite of mine to write, and may well be the one I choose to publish as a novella in due course.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. That’s good to know Pete, I ususally get between 140 and 245 (this kind of number only when it gets reposted) but I post weekly and in between it’s slow. I used to get about 40 hits a day regardless and a spike on posting day but since I’ve been at WP the daily has dropped significantly. I do hope you publish this series, I think it would do very well. I’m really enjoying each chapter and all the detail! Extraordinary, C

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  3. I think this is something that most bloggers go through. You have to find a level that works without you going crazy trying to keep up.I’ve cut back quite a bit also as it’s summer and the living should be easy…gardening, weeding, and stargazing or cloud watching are calling. Enjoy the dance and pace

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  4. The blog stats are like catnip to me, Pete…the more consistent the posting is, the more the number inches up…take a day off and the number falls…not that they mean anything, but I am now at an all-time high for daily views, so the pressure is on!

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    1. I am retired from work since 2012. I take photos, walk with my dog, watch films, and take care of the housework and garden. I try to enjoy my retirement. 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.


          1. My husband joined a gym, bowled weekly until the plague, and fishes as often as he can. Herb seems younger. I think the stress you both experienced (working hard for years) is easing up. Good for both of you.

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