Guest Posts: Another Offer

Before I start the next serial, I have the time and space to once again offer guest posts.

It is very easy, just check out these simple conditions.

*You must have your own blog.
*You must be following this blog, or the blog of someone I know.
*The post can be about anything, but should be no longer than 2,000 words.
*If you have had a guest post before, you can have another one!
*Posts should be sent as an Email, NOT a Word Document, to
*Any images you want to use should be able to be right clicked and ‘saved as’ so I can add them to the image library.
*I will not alter or correct any text, so please check your post before sending.
*I have the final say on whether or not to post it.

I am happy to promote your books or projects, but NOT products or services.
So all of you who quickly follow my blog then send me a guest post about your company need not bother. You know who you are.

Looking forward to receiving them!

17 thoughts on “Guest Posts: Another Offer

  1. Right now, I’m too involved in my novel to think about writing a short story. However, in a couple of months, that novel will be finished, so maybe then I’ll take you up on your offer. It just occurred to me that some of my song lyrics could be used as a springboard for a short story. I’ll give that some thought.

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