Gabby Is Missing: A Serial Overview

Now that my recent serial has concluded, I will give an overview of the writing process and the reception it received. Some people might like to read about that, especially if they are thinking of posting a daily fiction serial.

As anyone who has read it knows, that serial was about the ‘cult of celebrity’, and the lengths some people will go to in the quest for fame and fortune. This was on my mind for some time, after tiring of seeing people become famous after appearances on ‘reality’ television, game shows, or because of something awful that happened in their past.

Following my usual process, I wrote the final episode in draft first. With that ending more or less cast in stone, I had to then work back to episode one so that readers would discover how we had arrived where we did in Part 26.

At first, this serial was very popular. Views for episode one were in excess of 150, and only dropped down to 120 after episode six. Given that the main character was completely (and deliberately) unsympathetic, I had expected some drop-off of readers following the serial. From parts seven until the end, there were daily views of 110-112, with no futher drop off. Given those figures, an average of 125 views for each episode is about right. So for 26 parts, total views came to 3,250.
(More will come in later, from weekly bloggers and binge-readers.)

Engagement in the comments was very good, with many readers completely invested in the story. Shares on Twitter were steady too.

It was an enjoyable story to write, as it was about something that I am very interested in, and set in the area where I live now. Later this week, I will compile all the episodes into one complete story, for those who prefer to read it as a novella, or may have missed some parts.

I would like to thank everyone who read it, especially those that left comments, and shared on social media.

The new serial will start later this week.

34 thoughts on “Gabby Is Missing: A Serial Overview

  1. It took me a few episodes before I caught on that you were skewering those who are famous for being famous(an idiotic trend here too.) I loved the whole thing and was sorry to see it end.

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  2. We share the same views on the age of celebrities! I remember in the eighties wondering why we expected “stars” to be such experts on all sorts of things. Oh! Gabby was an awful person. I did enjoy the series, though. Best always! Michele

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  3. I don’t think I’ve missed an episode from your last two series. I’ve got a lot on my plate right now, so I may be absent from the next one.

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