Still On Top!

In 2016, I published a post about a British Acid-Jazz band, Jamiroquai.

Whatever happened to?: Jamiroquai

This soon became something of a phenomenon on my blog, with an incredible number of views. Since then, not a single day has passed without that post getting at least one view.

Today, I noticed that it had been viewed twice, so checked my all-time stats. Sure enough, it is still there at number one, with total views of 5,847.

31 thoughts on “Still On Top!

  1. For the first five years of my blog, my most-often-viewed post was — by far — my only German-language post, “Opern-Gespräche”, about an opera appreciation course for adults that I taught here in Frankfurt for over twenty years. But right behind it at # 2 or 3 was always a post called “Seating in the Arena”, about open-air opera performances in the Arena di Verona, Italy.
    Now that I am no longer teaching, “Seating in the Arena” has moved up to # 1, and is currently getting six times as many views as my second-place post. If I have interpreted the statistics correctly, this popularity comes exclusively from Google, which has somehow taken a liking to this one post and shows it near the top of various searches.

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