Can anyone help Frank? He has come across a WordPress issue I have never heard of. Please read his post and let him (or me) know if you can solve the issue. Thank you.


Who is “Sur.ly”?

Recently I went to log onto my wordpress blog (toritto.wordpress.com) and encountered a page evaluating my blog for various offensive themes.  There aren’t any but the sur.ly page blocks access to my blog.

I am currently accessing through my emails concerning posts and comments.

I have never encountered this problem in the more than a decade I have posted here.

I have tried to contact sur.ly with no luck.

What gives?  This seems like some kind of trolling. I have recently deleted a number to “Christians” from my followers list.


P.S.  Has anyone come across this problem when searching for my blog?

Many thanks.

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34 thoughts on “HEY WORDPRESS!! CAN YOU HELP??

  1. If I understand it, Sur.ly is a so-called URL-Shortener with which you can shorten a long URL (uniform resource locator alias Internet address) easily and free of charge. A service, here sur.The real internet address. It is a time -based service, so after a while, the link is no longer functional. xx Michael

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    1. Sorry, some information was just lost to me. Shortly: Sur.ly is a so -called “URL Shortener” with which users can shorten a long internet address (also called URL). After a while, this usually free service deletes the manually initiated forwarding and the link is no longer functional.

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  2. Good luck, I’ve been singularly unsuccessful with WP, accrssing their help via email is all but imposssible. I have been unable to get comments on my blog for months and I’m just told to ask other users for help which they’ve beeen unable to do.Maybe you’ll have more luck, I hope so.

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  3. I haven’t had that problem, but, WP will not let me load some photos from the net. Sounds like foul play from someone. I’ve never read an offensive post on your blog, so there is something afoul. WP is like Facebook, extremally liberal and ran by a bunch of young folks; keep that in mind Pete.

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