Can anyone offer help or advice to Lorraine? She is a blind blogger experiencing great difficulties in managing her blog to her satisfaction.

Every morning my emails from WP come through from blogs that I am following. There are all the usual challenges in there and also other bloggers’ responses to challenges. I so much would like to join in these challenges but as a newly blind person I find I do not know how to get to them from my emails. Are there any blind people out ther who can help? Or anyone else for that matter. My activities on WP are so limited now and it irks me. I can make my posts and with help reply to comments but I cannot go to other peoples’ blogs and read and comment although when I have help I can get my cursor into the reply boxes and type out my own response. Is there anyone who can help please?

I am using an iPad and voiceover by the way.

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Can anyone help Frank? He has come across a WordPress issue I have never heard of. Please read his post and let him (or me) know if you can solve the issue. Thank you.


Who is “”?

Recently I went to log onto my wordpress blog ( and encountered a page evaluating my blog for various offensive themes.  There aren’t any but the page blocks access to my blog.

I am currently accessing through my emails concerning posts and comments.

I have never encountered this problem in the more than a decade I have posted here.

I have tried to contact with no luck.

What gives?  This seems like some kind of trolling. I have recently deleted a number to “Christians” from my followers list.


P.S.  Has anyone come across this problem when searching for my blog?

Many thanks.

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Blogging Observations

2022 seems to be a rather quiet year for blogging. After the surge in new bloggers during the pandemic lockdowns, WordPress appears to have less new bloggers than ever before. Not that I am concerned, but this year has seen less new followers than I would have got in one month in 2021.

It could be that they tried it, and didn’t like it. Or the recent changes to WordPress plans with far less space allowance and higher charges for upgrades might be putting off potential new bloggers.

Perhaps it is just my blog that feels quiet? Is anyone else noticing this trend?

Luckily, we already have a well-established community, developed over many years. But it does seem a shame not to see so much ‘new blood’ appearing on WordPress.

With that in mind, if you are hesitatnt about staring a blog, or feel it is all too complicated to tackle, reach out and ask for help. Bloggers are friendly and helpful people, and most are hpapy to offer advice and tips, as well as supporting new bloggers with guest posts or features.

You can always contact me by email if you have any questions, so I will start you off with an email address.

If any others in our community feel they are willing to help new bloggers, please add a link or contact details in the comments.

New Bloggers: A Helping Hand

It seems that a lot of the new bloggers who have arrived on WordPress this year are keen to read about some tips and advice to help them get a start in blogging.

My three recent posts on the subject have received well over 2,300 views in a very short time.

Now we all have different ideas about what makes for good blogging, and also different views on blogging ‘etiquette’. For the new people to become part of any community will take some time of course. Meanwhile, we can all help them along the way with any useful tips and advice that might spring to mind.

I won’t be asking everyone to put up a post on the subject, don’t worry. You are all busy with your own blogs and lives, so another suggestion from me is the last thing you need.

That said, adding a comment to this post won’t take you long. It might help a new blogger, encourage them to continue to blog, and eventually grow this wonderful community that we all enjoy being a part of.

So all I am asking is that if you have any blogging rules you swear by, or some valuable tips that you have yet to share, just add them as a comment below.

The post will stay up, and hopefully be found by many of those new bloggers.

Thanks in advance, and best wishes to everyone. Pete.

The Kindness Of A Stranger

Last night, I went to collect a Thai meal from the local restaurant in Beetley. A very short drive, and only a twelve minute walk in better weather.

But at 6:30 pm, it was raining hard, and still very icy on the pavements. So the short drive was preferred.

The food was being prepared fresh, so I had to wait for almost twenty minutes past the order time until it was ready. When I got back to the car, someone had parked very close to me. Reversing out was going to be tricky, but in the large empty car park, it seemed easy enough to just swing the wheel to the right, and execute a large ‘loop’ so I was facing the exit.

However, the snow on that part of the car park was deeper than it looked, and my car came to a sudden halt, the front drive wheels spinning. I remembered the drill in those situations, reverse a little way, and get a bit of a run against the snow in front. As I reversed, the rear wheels stuck fast. The person who had parked so close as to make this happen appeared with his meal in its bag. He jumped in his car, and drove off easily from the harder paved area where I had been originally.

I was now alone, stranded in the rear of large empty car park, with my car refusing to move either forward or back. I had some decisions to make.

Return to the restaurant, and try to get help from the staff. I already knew they were flat-out busy, and only one of them was a man stong enough to help. And he is the head chef.

Abandon the car, walk home in the rain, and return for it tomorrow, using something under the wheels to get a grip on the snow. The food would be stone cold by the time I walked home. Warmed up Thai food is not exactly appetising.

As I pondered my options, it started to rain harder. Freezing rain mixed with sleet, pinging against the car windows

Then a car drove in, and I made my play. Running across to the car as it parked on the hard surface area, I spoke to the driver, a burly man in his late thirties. I asked if he could help by pushing my car as I tried to drive it out of the snow. Or failing that, he could drive it, and I would push. (Though I doubted my strength to be able to do that, in all honesty) He said “Hang on”. I returned to my car to wait.

He took some time, and I wondered if he had changed his mind. But then I saw that he was putting on a heavy coat, to combat the sleet and cold. He came over, took a place at the back of the car, and I tried again. It still stuck, so he suggested going in reverse again. That didn’t work, and he shrugged. “Third try, then I will have to go and get my meal, okay?” I thanked him profusely, and gave the accelerator a push.

Out it came, onto the harder area. Reluctantly it seemed, but unable to resist his final determined push. I jumped out of the car, and unable to shake his hand, due to Covid social distancing restrictions, had to settle for a geniune and heartfelt thank you, that I am sure he knew was very real.

Thanks to the kindness of a complete stranger, we were able to eat dinner before it had time to get cold.


Can anyone help Lorraine with this issue? I don’t know what advice to give, as it is new to me. She is blind, so please be specific.

Oh dear I’ve made a mess! I was looking at Referrers, below the counties where viewers had come from, and there was one that said “reader” and another below it that said, I THINK, but can’t remember for sure. I accidentally clicked on 3 dots, and ended up putting those Google viewers into spam. HELP. I didn’t want to put ANYBODY into Spam. Please help me to get them out.

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Self-Isolated Blogging: An offer

With doom and gloom all over the news, and a lot of very worried people unable to get out even to go to work and socialise, I am trying to think of something positive to offer via the platform of blogging. Facebook and Twitter can be a diversion, but they are also sadly also packed with negatives, scams, and sometimes downright meanness and offensive remarks.

So, back to blogging. Here is my offer, which is of course completely free, and has no catches.

(To contact me for any of these, use )

Guest Posts.
If you are writing more than usual and hoping to reach a new community or a wider audience, send me a guest post to be published here.
Under 2000 words please, with a short personal bio, and a link to your site.

Book Promotions.
Many people may now have more time to read, so if you want to promote your book on my blog, then send me an email.
Include a cover photo, a short synopsis, and any links to free offers for the book, or sales links.

First time bloggers.
Now is the ideal time to start that blog you always thought about, but never had the chance to get around to. If you are a new blogger, I can help.
Send me a link to your new blog, and the first post. I will put up a post here and include those links.
***Remember*** if you are just trying to sell something, or spam anyone, it will not be posted, and will be spammed by me.
Genuine bloggers only will be featured.

Blogging help and advice.
If you have just started out, and are finding it all confusing, wondering about tags, media, categories, and so on then contact me.
I will do my best to help, and if I can’t, I will ask the whole community if anyone can assist. Also, you might like an outsider’s opinion on your blog.
If that is the case, then send me a link and I will look through your blog to hopefully offer tips.

Blogging is a safe and rewarding way to communicate during this time of social isolation. It can make you feel connected, help dispel panic and fear, and hopefully settle your mind.

It looks like this will go on and on, possibly well into next year. So my offer is not time-limited.

Please Help A Blogger

I was contacted by British blogger Ian Swinton yesterday. You may recall that I featured a guest post from him a while back.

This is what he had to say.

My ideal scenario is to be part of the wider blogging community. To read your posts, to share our work and generally help each other out. Whether that be in WordPress or on social media.

I am asking for help in joining the blogging community in a number of ways. Firstly, I would like to know of any tips on Twitter. Any accounts that you would recommend to follow and why? Are there any twitter chats worth joining in with? Any other tips for twitter that you would love to share?

I am keen to join the blogging community on Facebook. Can you recommend any Facebook communities, groups or pages that would be worthwhile in joining? I am specifically looking for areas to share my work, read others blog posts and be able to join in with commenting and sharing.

The internet can be a lonely place for a blogger when trying to reach out. A lack of views, comments or general interest in what you have spent time producing can lead to logging out and never returning which would be a shame, don’t you think?

We all start out at the beginning but some grow and some fall away, hopefully with all your help, I can grow and be part of a great community.


As you can see, he is asking for advice and tips about expanding his contact with our blogging community.
I am not on Facebook, but I know many of you are. Although I do use Twitter, I only promote my posts on it as a rule, and do not engage that much with tweets.

So, please rally round, and let Ian know your thoughts, ideas, or suggestions.
I am sure I can count on some of the members of our great blogging circle to help him out.

Thanks in advance, Pete.

The Nicest People I have Never Met

In quite a long life so far, I have met many nice people.
I have also met just as many who were not at all nice.

Outside of my close circle of good friends, it has become harder to meet people now I am retired. I do encounter other dog walkers of course, as well as some people my wife meets through work. Mostly, they are very nice, though some locals around the Beetley area can be a little stand-offish. And being my age doesn’t help, when many of the local residents are significantly younger, or much older.

But I do know a great number of very nice people. More than a hundred of them in fact, from countries all over the world. In many cases, they are counted among the nicest people I know, and treasured as friends.

But I have never met any of them.

That is because they are my blogging friends. Some who have been with me since 2012 when I started blogging, and others who came along more recently. The people who inhabit our WordPress world, and regularly feature in the community we share, are all genuine and lovely people. They are kind, considerate, thoughtful, and caring too. They help other bloggers, worry if you are not around, and rush to offer advice, suggestions, and encouragement. They support you when you are unwell, or feeling down, and it is my experience that nothing is too much trouble for them.

They are helpful when you are stuck on something, and display a loyalty that is hard to find outside of our electronic acquaintance.

They are the nicest people I have never met.