Fashionable London: 1967

This colour film from the 1960s has been remastered into very good quality video. It was filmed at various trendy locations and shopping districts, as well as some famous tourist sites. Obviously intended to show the new fashions of the day, and the contrast with the older people who were still dressed as if it was the 1950s. It’s an easy watch of around 8 minutes.

38 thoughts on “Fashionable London: 1967

        1. No, I was too young for a Vespa. Then when I was 17 I went straight to a car. I did learn to ride a motorbike in my late twenties, so I could commute to work in the Ambulance Service. I had a few different motorbikes, and eventually bought a Yamaha Scooter that I kept until 2000 when I moved back into Central London..

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  1. Interesting to remember what we looked like! Can’t say I was ever a fan of the styles. I am struck by how thin people were and many of them seem tall…or am I imagining that. The streets were very crowded. It was obviously one of England’s warm periods! The other thing I noticed is that there appear to be no foreigners. I also think people move differently now but maybe that’s because we are fatter! Always good to look back.

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    1. The young fashionistas were slim, and well-known models coming to prominence made many young women self-aware. There was almost no fast food either, save for Wimpy Bars and fish and chip shops. Most of the clothing was ridiculous to me, as I still wore 3-piece suits and a tie when out socially. But I was a ‘Soul Boy’, and ‘Junior Mod’, so that was my uniform of sorts.
      Best wishes, Pete.


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