The Age Of Elegance: The Right Hat

For the relatively wealthy, the Edwardian Era was an age of elegance in female fashion. The drab dresses associated with Victoriian times took a back seat to modern fashions that were ever-changing, and often designed by famous fashion houses.

This was also a time when nobody left the house without wearing a hat. Even the poorest people wore one, and the wealthy would own several, changing them during the day for different occasions. When travelling, the expensive hats were transported in strong hat-boxes, as not having the right hat was unthinkable.

The trend was for hats to get larger, and fancier. Many were ridiculously large, and fancy in the extreme. Here are some examples.


38 thoughts on “The Age Of Elegance: The Right Hat

  1. They are impressive, but I remember reading about the incredible amount of birds that were killed to create those hats, and I can only say it’s good that the fashion changed, or there would be none left by now. Thanks, Pete.

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  2. (1) I’m going to stick my neck out and theorize that those humongous hats were cervical spine crushers. #C1-C7
    (2) Scientists now say that the reason a giraffe’s neck is so long is that it never wore a hat.
    (3) A ten-gallon hat only holds three quarts of whiskey. But most dusty saloon patrons were too drunk to care that penny-pinching western hatters had shortchanged them.
    (4) We have western stores here in Las Vegas that feature plenty of cowboy hats, proof that we’re doing our part to appease the country’s mad hatters. #WesternWonderland
    (5) I now own a black cowboy hat. I knew that I’d have to eventually face the music and buy one. (No one but Pete will get this comment.)
    (6) Milliners are a sad lot these days.

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  3. I feel quite bold wearing a fedora with a feather or two. These hats were something else! Fascinating to look at, wouldn’t fancy wearing them. I wonder what the ladies of the time would make of our bare headed ways today?

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  4. How did they not break their necks? I don’t get on with hats and with one of those, I can imagine that it would have been everywhere except on the back of my head. I have never understood why we allow fashion designers to dictate. I have a photo of my grandmother obviously taken in a studio. Perhaps they provided clothes for photos? I certainly never saw her dressed up. She had 6 children and was widowed in her 40’s. Life was very tough yet she still had a twinkle in her eye. I wish I had managed to know her better.

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    1. There are many photos of women wearing such hats in public, Carolyn. I think they were just used to wearing them from childhood, so thought nothing of it.
      Best wishes, Pete.


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