32 Hours Of Rain

When I went to bed on Tuesday night, it was raining heavily here. I lay in bed listening to the sound of it, driven against the window by strong winds.

Then I woke up on Wednesday, and it was still raining torentially. It carried on that way until just after midday, when a break in the weather allowed me to have a dry dog-walk with Ollie.

But by 3pm it was back, raining just as heavily as earlier.

Later that night, the rain increasd in intensity, as did the noise of it striking the house. When I went to sleep, it was still raining. When I got up this morning, it is still raining. The house is dark, and I have my SAD lamp in operation at 8:30am.

After such a long and hot dry summer, I had seemingly forgotten just how much relentless rain like this can so badly affect my mood.

Mood, And Memories

My mood is still very flat, and I seem to also be overwhelmed by memories at the moment. I’m not sure if they are a result of me searching my mind for something better to think about, or if my brain is bombarding me with them to make me ‘wake up’. Such random snippets of a life, arriving like the carriages of a long train emerging from a distant tunnel.

Holding a rabbit. The fur is soft, and the rabbit’s nose is twitching.
(I have no idea how old I am.)

Standing close to the edge of a cliff, looking down at the waves breaking on the rocks. It is raining.
(Might be Cornwall)

Sitting in a caravan, looking out of the window at other caravans nearby. Watching a family setting up folding sunbeds in the narrow gap between them.
(No idea where)

A very old lady is holding my hand. Her knuckles are hard and bony, the skin as thin as tissue paper. Her hand is very cold.
(Probably an Ambulance Service memory)

Sitting on a hot concrete step, smoking a cigarette. Pigeons are walking toward me, hoping I have something to feed them with.
(Definitely in London)

Looking at palm trees, from a hotel room balcony. The sun is setting behind them, and the air is cool.
(Probably Egypt)

Watching a small gekko (or similar lizard) on a white-painted wall. It looks sideways at me, but doesn’t move.
(Might be Crete)

They just keep on coming. Is it any wonder I cannot concentrate?

I hope it stops soon.
(And why has it changed the text to italics? )

Ollie And The Heatwave

Since Ollie turned nine in February, he has slowed down considerably. But he still likes nothing better than to accompany us anywhere in my car, and is able to jump up onto his bed in the back as if he is still only two years old. So he was delighted when after watching us pack up the car last Thursday, he was called outside to leap into his spot.

The first day in Essex was actually overcast, and not very warm. He was pleased to see my cousin’s two small dogs again, even though having so many people in the house made him rather agitated, perhaps because he worried that he might be left behind.

By the time we arrived in Kent late on Friday afternoon, the weather had started to warm up considerably. We were grateful to be able to eat outside at my friend’s house, but Ollie stayed inside, finding some cool carpet in the shade to lie on.

On Saturday, it was almost 30 degrees (C) and we drove the short distance to a local Country park to give him a good walk. In the absence of a river, I took along his water bowl and a large bottle of water. Ollie was soon slowing down in the heat, so after an hour, we sat under a tree near the cafe there, and Ollie was lying down on the long grass in the shade. Despite drinking lots of water, he couldn’t seem to cool down, and was panting constantly.

The next day, I walked him to the local park near my friend’s house, somwehere he has been many times before. But there was a lot of traffic in that large town, and Ollie kept stopping on the pavement, flinching at the noise as cars and buses drove past close to us. By the time I got to the park, I had to sit in some shade and give him a big drink from his bowl. As he showed no sign of wanting to continue the walk after that, I decided to head back, by which time it was close to 31C there.

He spent the rest of the time lying on the kitchen floor, and when the sun moved around and we sat outside to eat, he ventured out to find any small breeze and the cool decking of her patio. For all three days in Kent, he had seemed grumpy and listless, though I was pleased that he ate all of his food, and had a good appetite.

The drive home on Monday wasn’t too bad, and I decided to stop off at Thetford Forest so that Ollie could get out for a walk, and have a drink. For some reason, he wouldn’t follow me after I parked the car, and kept looking back at it. I had to settle for him having a short drink before getting him back in the car for the one hour drive to Beetley. The next morning, he seemed happier, as the temperature in Norfolk, though still hot, was a full 5C lower than it had been further south. Even so, after fifteen minutes in his preferred area of Beetley Meadows, he ran into the river and stood there for over twenty minutes.

Today was still warm and sunny, but a lot fresher than it has been. Ollie has decided that he must now sniff and mark a lot more places than ever, presumably making up for that ‘lost time’ away. It took me almost thirty minutes to walk less than 400 yards, and I found myself standing waiting for ages until he was ready to catch up.

So at least during this short heatwave, dog-walking now has a new name.


Bad mood

Hi everyone.

As you might have guessed, I have been in quite a bad mood for a couple of days.

No idea why, maybe it is Covid-19 fatigue? Not sure.

I managed to post an episode of Vera’s Life this evening, but I am very behind on the blogs of those who I follow.

I have to sign off for now, and hope to catch up with your posts some other time.


Thinking Aloud On a Sunday

Had enough.

I woke up early with painful leg cramp this morning, and couldn’t get back to sleep. It is a warm and sunny day, but I couldn’t care less.

I am moany, grumpy, and fed up to my back teeth.

Still tired and sleepy, despite twice as much sleep as normal. Exhausted from doing very little, and zero enthusiasm to do more.

The PC and keyboard problems are stopping me being able to comfortably write my serial, so by the time that is back again, I expect everyone will have lost track of it.

And to add to that, my comments are failing to appear on at least a dozen sites.

I should be excited about a new computer arriving next week, but I’m not in the least. More tech to struggle with, at a time when I feel little inclination to do anything of the kind.

I have a noise in my left ear that sounds like the tide coming in, and a niggling headache that won’t seem to go away.

Fed up doesn’t even begin to cover it.

I have had enough.

Sorry, but all that just had to come out.

More domestic irritation

Monday, 25/11/2019.
(Yes, my American friends, that is the right way round)

Just when I thought it was safe to start feeling positive…

The decorating is finished, at least until the kitchen is tackled next year. On Wednesday, barring Acts of God, the new carpet should be fitted in the living room. Everything has been paid for, and anything unexpected is covered by savings. I am hopefully approaching the end of my awful cold, and although Ollie’s fur continues to refuse to grow back, at least he has no sores or itches.

Could all finally be well, in the world of Beetley?

You guessed it. Not a chance.

After a load of washing finished at lunchtime, I went to the machine to get it out. My usual routine is to sort out what can go into the tumble drier, and after that is loaded, I hang up what cannot be tumbled on a clothes airer. As it is winter, nothing can be hung outside, for fear of rain and cold.

But everything in the washing machine was still soaking wet. Wet enough to drip copiously over the floor as I tried to take it out.

Undaunted, I closed the door, selected ‘Rinse and Spin’, then pressed the button. Other than a constantly flashing red light, nothing happened.
Wash it again, I thought. I set the dial to a 40-degree wash, pressed ‘Start’, and waited. Nothing.

Try ‘Spin’, my mind informed me.

I set ‘Spin’, and pressed ‘Start’. Nothing.

Hmm… It is over eight years old, bought in summer 2011. It has earned its keep, and decided to ‘die’ gracefully.

I can go to the shops today, and buy a new one. Though I would sooner not have to spend up to £400 this close to Christmas.

But will it be delivered and installed this week? If not, we have a problem.

And Houston cannot supply the answer.

The Longest Day

Today is midsummer’s day, in this part of the world. The sun will not set until 9:30 this evening, giving today its title of the longest day.

From tomorrow, the sun will begin to set earlier, as the countdown to autumn begins.

But it has stopped raining, finally. Even a supposedly dry day yesterday saw some light showers here, and that made it a full three weeks with rain every day. However, the sun is shining this morning, and the forecast is good.
At least for a few days.

Ollie will enjoy a much longer walk, and I will cherish a dry day to walk him in. If they got the forecast right, I might even be able to tackle some jobs in the neglected garden tomorrow, and will be hoping that the last remaining water from the small flood in the shed dries out.

Weather can affect our mood, so they say. I know it certainly affects mine.

Happy midsummer’s day, everyone! 🙂


I was searching my mind for a word to describe how I am feeling today, and this popped into my head.

(of a person, manner, or gesture) having or showing a disinclination for physical exertion or effort.
“his languid demeanour irritated her”
synonyms: relaxed, unhurried, languorous, unenergetic, lacking in energy, slow, slow-moving;

Oh yes, that’s the word.

Yesterday, I was preparing for my dog-walk with Ollie, and noticed it looked like it might rain. I popped on a thin ‘showerproof’ coat, and took my umbrella too, just in case…

Ten minutes later, I was in a wind-driven rainstorm. The umbrella was of little use, as the rain was hitting me from all directions at once. Ollie was so wet, his fur looked black. My thin coat was saturated in seconds, and my tan shorts had become so waterlogged, they were wrapped around my legs like damp cling-film. I had been ill-advised to wear leather boat shoes too, as they were sodden, and my feet were slipping around inside them. After 75 minutes of this, I couldn’t stand any more, and even Ollie seemed to have had enough, readily heading toward the exit to the road, and home.

I arrived back at the house easily as wet as if I had jumped into the nearby river. It took three towels to get Ollie anywhere near dry enough to be allowed into the house, and he still felt damp hours later. My clothes were all hung up in the bathroom to drip into the bath, and I changed into a dressing gown after I dried myself.

Sure enough, one hour later, the rain stopped, and the sun came out.

Today is a Public Holiday in England. But I don’t want to do anything. I am not in the mood. I have no inclination, no inspiration. Little energy, and no enthusiasm. The sky is quite blue, but thick clouds are low, and look like they might have some work to do later. Whatever happens, I have to take Ollie out soon, and I am not looking forward to that today.

I am languid.

A sense of panic

I woke up today with a strange feeling of panic pervading my mood. I was convinced that I had forgotten to do something, needed to do something urgently, or that something bad was about to happen. It has left a weird tension in my body, and my face feels flushed too.

I can’t ever remember this happening before, so like most unfamiliar things, I put it down to getting older. By nature I am a procrastinator, so never worry about not having done things, or anything on a ‘to-do’ list. But this feeling is nothing like that. It could be overwhelming, if I allowed it to be. So I am checking emails and writing on the blog, to force it from my mind.

It’s scary, I confess. In other circumstances, I might even be inclined to leave the house, off on a quest for the unknown thing that bothers me. I don’t really believe in prescience, psychic foreboding, or real visions of future events. However, I could be persuaded otherwise this morning, I know that.

Anyone else ever get this? I would dearly love to know what is causing it.