The Idiot List

This is the last of this week’s posts about non-followers, and people who like posts or follow blogs without even reading what is written in them. Since publishing a very sarcastic short post about this very thing, the marketers have been arriving thick and fast. If nothing else, it proves that they read nothing, and just follow key words. As far as I am concerned, they are just idiots; wasting their time, and the time of anyone who actually thinks they might be genuine blog followers. Even as I type this, they are still arriving in my inbox, so I could never list them all. But remembering the title of my previous post, this stream of people with nothing better to do with their time is still pouring in.

There are no links here, as you have no need to find out who they are, or view their sites. I have done that for you. But take a quick look at this list of names, and if you are ever pleased to find them as a new follower, don’t be.

Just delete anything they send you.

Wealthy Affiliates For Free
Kevin J. P. Ebsworth
Antonio Ortegaen
David Alan Barnes
The Lazy Mans Profits
Viewbiz Marketing
Digital Lifestyle
Best Web Profit
Gold Investing Affiliate
Digital Tools 4U
Your Path To Wealth
Smart Affiliate Secrets
Ivanlor 65
Zoe Winnike
dpapa 187
Zoran Simovic

And many more…

76 thoughts on “The Idiot List

  1. Thank you for sharing, being new to this I have one person in particular that likes EVERYTHING I post but can’t seem to delete him. Bomihill it’s rather disturbing!

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    1. Unfortunately, you cannot delete ‘Likes’, but you can delete followers. Regrettably, Spammers of all kids are part of blogging. Just be careful who you allow to comment, and make sure they have a ‘genuine’ blog first. Despite this post, I am still inundated with such rubbish. One of the sites mentioned here continues to ‘Like’ my posts all the time. It never ends. 🙂
      Thanks for following too, that’s appreciated.
      If you ever need any help, feel free to email me at
      Best wishes, Pete.


    1. I don’t think so. They all have real sites, and photos of themselves too. (Could all be fake, I know) Most of them actually ‘liked’ this post though, so they are not reading the text, or don’t understand it. Maybe they were happy to feature on a list, even one called the ‘Idiot List’? 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. I just had that problem with a Giveaway for a friend of mine. Pretty sure that’s a key word for them because got a bunch of new “followers” with names like “coupon savers” and such. They are definitely idiots.. And wasting their time.

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    1. Those fools are still ‘following’ my blog, and even ‘liking’ this post, Gilly. 🙂
      Even some of those named and shamed! They must really never read anything…
      Best wishes, Pete.


  3. Hate the marketers & followers that you know are just looking for a follow back. It’s the multiple likes on many posts they did not read that’s also irritating. No, I’m not following you back! Delete, delete! I’m trying to pay attention to my dedicated followers, not the blog stats that mean nothing, as you say. Great rant, Pete! 🎉 Christine

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  4. There must be some type of return from spamming. It takes a real low-life to do something like that. On the other hand, people get in a hurry, good things take a little longer. As you said, they think liking, or following you, will get an instant follower for them.

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    1. You got that 100% right, Sarah. As I have often written about before, numbers of followers mean little or nothing. They are populated by hordes of idiots like these. Real followers engage with, and comment on your blog posts. Fifty of those are worth their weight in gold.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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            1. I was shown that by my doctor, and it didn’t work for me. It does come and go, but I still have trouble lying flat on my back, or bending forward.
              As of today, I supposedly have 2,594 followers, (plus Twitter and email only) but as I have said before, that figure is meaningless.
              Best wishes, Pete.

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              1. I had to do it every day for several days. I kept falling over and running into things. Keep trying it. I followed a video I found online. I remember taking a yoga class and it was terrifying. Bending forward and turning my head quickly were the worst for me. Yeah, I realize from your post the numbers are meaningless. It’s still impressive to me.

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  5. It’s not only marketeers: three weeks ago I received about 30 likes in the span of two minutes and a follow. Two days later that new “follower” had of course unfollowed me, because I did not follow back. Really big surprise lol 😂😂 Great post Pete and thanks for the list 😉

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