Things I miss about London

Following yesterday’s reblogged post about London, here is the opposite view. Things to genuinely miss about living in such a vibrant and diverse city. I still miss them, seven years later.


Whenever I talk to friends and family, they eventually ask me what, if anything, I miss about no longer living in London. When I first moved here, it was such a relief to get away from it all, that I used to reply that there was nothing that I missed at all. This is not true of course. You cannot spend sixty years in the city of your birth, without regretting a few things left behind. I have been given to reflection lately, and thought of a few things that I really do miss, so here they are.

The view from Waterloo Bridge

This is possibly the best aspect of the river in London. All the β€˜best bits’ are visible from this bridge, though in itself, it is an unattractive, concrete monstrosity. It does nonetheless provide the perfect viewing platform for anyone interested in the sights of London. They are…

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21 thoughts on “Things I miss about London

  1. Good to be reminded about all the things that I miss about London – agree on them all. My first job in journalism – working for The Field magazine – was close to Soho as well as Green Park. Moving to Norwich was a change of pace – and choice. Not rural but getting there.

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    1. I think that compared to Soho, Norwich qualifies as rural. πŸ™‚ Soho was not only my late night place, but also my occasional daytime haunt. I used to walk to Amato’s in Old Compton Street, for a strong coffee and a giant custard doughnut. It was so big and creamy, you needed a knife and fork to eat it. πŸ™‚
      Best wishes, Pete.

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