Thinking Aloud On a Sunday

So Tired.

I had a good sleep last night, but woke up feeling overwhelmingly tired. I did do a fair bit of grass-cutting yesterday, and I am not as fit as I used to be. But this isn’t the usual aches and pains associated with moderate manual labour. This is bone tired. Reluctant to emerge from the bedroom.

I considered that it was mental tiredness. That led me to wonder if you can indeed be ‘mentally tired’. Does life sometimes just get too much to cope with? And does that mean that there is something wrong somewhere inside me? I shrugged that off, as the last thing I am is a hypochondriac.

But I cannot deny the reality of how I feel. The sluggishness, the apathy, the indecision.

I feel as if I could go back to bed and lie down again. I might not sleep, but the idea is there, undoubtedly. A Sunday awaits me, with all its possibilities. And yet I see none of them. Instead, I am just feeling tired.

Is this a product of getting older, I wonder? If so, I sincerely hope that it doesn’t become a regular feature of my life now.

On a day when so much could yet happen, and lots could still be done, my first thought is to escape back to bed, and avoid all of that.

Not a nice way to think, as I am sure you will agree.

59 thoughts on “Thinking Aloud On a Sunday

  1. Don’t despair, Pete, it happens to us all – or certainly to me. As with so many bad things, it does pass. I’ve learned not to beat myself up about it, or even fight it too hard, but rather to ride it out and know that I’ll be back to my usual chirpy self in the not too distant future.

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  2. I wonder if it is an aftereffect of that awful bug you had earlier in the year. Sometimes something is a little off kilter. Your description reminded me of lingering fatigue after a serious virus.

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  3. I know mental fatigue only too well. I either have a duvet day or else lose myself in a good book or box set – that usually does the trick. Since I’m here, I’d like to pick your brains on the relative merits of blogger and wordpress and how it works switching from one to the other. Taskerdunham put me on to you so you can blame him…

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    1. Hi, Sarada.
      I have never used Blogger, but many of my friends started out there, and I used to read their blogs. When I decided to start a blog in 2012, I chose WordPress for its simplicity, and the fact it had an existing and very vibrant community. It is easy to add images, and there are lots of themes to choose from too.
      On the downside, space allocation is minimal, unless (like me) you pay an annual fee to increase it. It also has famous ‘glitches’, randomly spamming my comments, or failing to deliver notifications. But after seven years, I am now part of a very exciting community of bloggers from all around the world. I worked hard to get here, and continue to work hard to entertain and engage with followers.
      That takes time, and I have that time, as I am retired. If you have more specific questions, I am happy to help. Send me an email to
      Meanwhile, my numerous posts about blogging might be of some use to you.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. What are your top tips on getting more readers and followers? I’ve been going for a while and have regular readers but my stats are not great

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  4. So sorry to hear about how you are feeling lately Pete. I get tired a lot as well and I considerably younger than you. Depresses me whenever that happens. Let me try to cheer you up though. I have two links for you today that focus on director Brian De Palma. One is a trailer for a documentary that came out a few years back called De Palma (directed by Noah Baumbach and Jake Paltrow) called De Palma and the second is Mark Kermode’s review of it (he gave it his approval). Here are the two links below and keep up the great work as always πŸ™‚

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  5. Sorry to hear you are depressed, Pete. It sucks. When it strikes me, I think of myself on a boat crossing the sea. The dark clouds pass. It’s all temporary. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Sometimes, joyous days reign. Temporarily. So let the dark clouds or fog or storm move through you knowing it won’t last.
    All my best, Cindy

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  6. Okay, I’m gonna spew off what came to my mind spontaneously (take it with a grain of tolerant salt!)
    ‘Some days are diamonds, some days are stones…and then some days are just a crap-shoot’

    Hope Monday ‘feels’ better for you.

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  7. While I don’t necessarily agree with things like “Mercury is in retrograde”, there are times when the spirit is just suppressed – maybe a day to watch a new film or re-watch one you love…put some new thoughts inside your head!

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  8. There’s an old Cherokee remedy to what you’re feeling. Put three fried kippers in ech of your socks and absorb the tasty goodness. Actually, this is bunk but I just wanted to see how susceptible to suggestion you are in your debilitated state.
    – Chief Running Bear

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  9. I went through a period of napping several years ago. I also can relate to your β€œreluctance” to jump up and greet the day. I’ve been there too. I wonder if any of this related to your thinking about hope in a post? What GP says, and Eddy seconds, makes a great deal of sense. After all, Ollie might meet a new dog and this time you will know to get its name. πŸ™‚
    Warmest regards, Theo

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    1. I managed to get out with Ollie of course. Sadly, no new dogs, and it was uncomfortably humid. Ollie called ‘time’ early, and is now fast asleep. But I am still awake. πŸ™‚
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  10. Today, we’ll be hiking in the forest. Elevation range: 6,000-6,500 ft (1829-1981 m). After that, I’ll put my old mountain goat of a vehicle in 4-wheel drive, and make the short climb up to Lovell Summit, elevation 6,807 ft (2,075 m). The summit is only 50 miles (81 km) away from home. The area is home to mule deer, so we may spot one. A few years ago, I almost got hit by a deer as it sprang across the forest trail.

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  11. I woke sometime early this morning. I refused to open my eyes I was so tired. I crawled back in bed and finally drifted off to sleep. I know I have a lot on my mind so I think my sleeping hours might be mentally taxing. Hope you find a little burst of energy. Have a good day, Pete.

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