Winston’s Last Walk

Last April, I posted about a birthday party for one of the most-loved local dogs. Winston was 15 years old, and doing well, despite having a few medical problems.

I recently visited the house of his owner, Michele. She told me that he was having trouble walking, and was close to his time. I went in to see him, and he was bright-eyed and delighted to see me. But it was obvious that he was struggling to stand and walk properly, so we all knew it wouldn’t be long for the grand old dog. Recent medical tests also confirmed kidney failure, so a hard decision was made.

Today, I received a lovely card from Michele, hand-delivered. She told me the sad news that Winston was put to sleep by the Vet yesterday. He was at home, surrounded by the other family pets, and those who loved him the most.

Earlier this week, he had been well enough for his final walk on Beetley Meadows. He got to see many of his canine friends, and no doubt they also said farewell to him, in their own way.

Losing a pet like Winston is no different to the loss of a family member, or loved one. Despite all our sadness, it is nice to imagine him chasing a ball somewhere, full of the vigour of youth once again. He will be remembering what a wonderful life he had lived here in Beetley, and how much he was loved not just by Michlele and her family, but by everyone who ever encountered him.

Rest in peace, Winston old friend.

73 thoughts on “Winston’s Last Walk

  1. So sad. I lose words in the face of such sadness. My thoughts are with Michele. We had to have two of our dogs put to sleep since we moved here, and it’s awful. R.I.P. Winston. X

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      1. That is such good news! You know what might be a wonderful thing? A card shower for Michele. I am already excited! Just tell us bloggers who remembered Winston to send Michele a card, via you. Can you imagine her joy when you deliver a handful of cards? I will send one this weekend, if that is okay. Best to you, Pete.

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  2. For me, losing my beloved dog friends is far worse than any human loss. Very different connection. So glad you were able to say a proper Goodbye-bye. Clearly from your description Winston was most grateful.

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  3. In 1970, my parents bought an Old English Sheepdog. We named him Sir Winston Marco Polo, and called him Winston (sometimes just “Winnie”⁠—as in Winnie the Pooh). I was no longer living at home when Winston died, but my understanding is that he was buried on the acreage owned at the time by my parents. Winston grew up in a fenced backyard, but spent the final years of his life in total freedom out in the country with ducks, cats, horses, and cows.

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  4. Losing our fur babies is so hard. I was so hurt after losing Myles the one eyed wonder, it took powers beyond my control to bring another pet to me. Annie is such a G-d send.
    I am impressed that the vet came to their house to assist in Winston’s journey.
    A wonderful trobute.

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  5. It really is hard to lose a pet. They are like family to many of us. It’s no wonder many of us consider them like children, and even call them “fur kids”. I still miss my Shadow and Cinnamon, who have been gone over the Rainbow Bridge for a few years now.

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