Increased Views=Increased Spam?

Most days, I get anything from 30-40 Spam comments captured by WordPress and consigned to the Spam Folder. However on Monday, I had an an increase in the number of views on this blog after posting five rather random articles.

In that 24-hour period, I received over 800 views, which was very satisfying.

But on checking my Spam Folder, I found not the usual 30+ comments locked in there, but an unusually high 160!

So I have come to the conclusion that more views generate more Spam.

36 thoughts on “Increased Views=Increased Spam?

  1. I don’t get hundreds of views so I also don’t get hundreds of spam comments. But I get a few everyday and check the spam folder then delete them. Sometimes I’ll notice a strange proxie email address with the same peculiar message will latch on to an older specific post or photo. I’ll sometimes close comments on that for a while just to shake them off. Seems to work.

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      1. Sometimes the same people/spammers “follow” you – you can check your “followers” list and see how many opportunists/business/companies are checking you out (and your commenters with their blogs/email able to be gathered from your blog site…)
        People are so inventive

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  2. In the first week of December an old post of mine was picked up by Reddit and went viral. As you suspect Pete, my spam folder quickly was populated. Annoying as sometimes there is a genuine comment amongst those wanting to speed up the performance both of my blog and in the bedroom.

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