Is Blogging Writing?

Some people write very little on their blogs. Perhaps just captions above or under photos, a list of ingredients for a recipe, or a few lines of Haiku.

That’s fine. I say well done to all of them. Blogging should work for you, and be what you want it to be.

Others use their blogs to promote their published books. ‘Real writing’, by real writers.

Occasionally, a blogger will write 2,000-word posts about their predicament. That might be suffering from depression, the break-up of a relationship, or enduring a lifelong medical condition that affects them in many ways.

Good idea. Get it off your chest, connect with others in similar situations. Blogging as a form of communication.

Diary bloggers tell us about their week. What they did, where they went, who they met. That kind of thing. Travel bloggers do something similar, except that it is usually in an exotic or unusual location.

Then there are bloggers like me. Weather reports, dog-walking, nostalgia pieces. And fiction, a lot of fiction. Some of my long serials published as one story fall just short of the accepted length of a novel. But I don’t try to publish them as novels, and have little interest in doing so.

That begs the question. Am I a blogger, or a writer? Is blogging ‘Writing’, or something completely different?

Over to you.

158 thoughts on “Is Blogging Writing?

  1. haha.. this made many one write.

    And before i could answer, i must invite you to mine, for you to see, read, envision and judge where do i figure in your list πŸ™‚

    I imagine, like every kind of liquid, might be drinkable or not is primarily water, be it is inside our bodies or outside. So goes for writing, but point is the intent. What is that intention, its direction. And if it is compounding in any kind of expression for a consistent period. We must call it our trysts with writing.

    My wishes
    Nara x

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    1. I like your comparison with drinks and fluids, Nara. My own feeling is that blogging is writing, as long as it is not just a ‘photo blog’, or has no text.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  2. I recently asked a question on Twitter about the difference between a writer and an author. One person said, β€œAuthors are just defined as the writer of some piece of media. So theoretically you are definitely an author if you write.” So, as long as you are writing something, you are a writer.

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  3. As with all forms of creative expression, blogging/writing is what the reader perceives it to be. That perception will vary from person to person, including the creator.

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  4. I love that I came across your post, I am new to blogging, but have been writing (journaling) since I was 11.. I have been wanting to venture out with my writing and see where I could go with it or where it might end up. your post here has helped me understand a little bit more and feel more comfortable about how I was going to blog and what my entries where going to contain. If you or anyone else would like to, please go take a look at my site and if anyone has any good advice, or some pointers yall could give me on how I could make my blog better I would be interested in hearing what yall have to say. thank you, yall have a great day!!

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  5. I will say blogging encompasses so many aspects of life, so no, its so much more; its colorful and vibrant while writing, traditional writing; such a overwhelming art, it would be no justice to call it blogging.:)

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  6. Great article, and even greater question!
    I think Blog is just an online place for people to express themselves, just another social media. People use blogs the same way, posting writings, photos, useful and not that useful information, thoughts…anything. You do the same thing on Instagram, or Facebook, Twitter…. So what does it mean when we say ‘I’m a blogger?’ I guess that’s called ‘Content creator’ now… πŸ™‚

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  7. Thank you. This is a popular post! My own thoughts on writing/ blogging is that blogging is a form or genre of writing. I try to blog weekly but sometimes life gets in the way! I find writing prompts such as Linda’s #SoCS help to things fresh and focused.

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  8. Nice post but I think you have ommitted the ‘category’ of bloggers who blog/write about issues around Activism such as the environment and human rights. Two of my favorite blogs- The Green Stars Project and Green Life Blue Water are all about our place in the natural world and include a great deal of research by specialists in their field. And aside from the facts and figures these bloggers are still writing for people who are not academics so that their blogs are interesting and fun to readπŸ™‚

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    1. Thanks for highlighting that category or theme of blogging, Amanda. Yes, those bloggers were omitted, along with many very Technical bloggers, specialist cookery and DIY, blogs, farming and agricultural themes, video gaming, sports, and many, many more. This was done in the interest of brevity, and not because they don’t count. πŸ™‚
      Best wishes, Pete.

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