More Of ‘My’ London

I found some more old photos of the area I lived in until I was 15 years old.

Aylwin Girls’ Grammar School Bermondsey, late 1950s. My cousin went there. It is now called The Harris Academy.

Boys window shopping at a toy shop. Elephant and Castle area, 1960.

Work clothes and overalls for sale. East Street Market, 1960s.

An early self-service supermarket. Elephant and Castle, 1960s.

Some residents of Reverdy Road Bermondsey with their milkman, 1970.

St James’s Church, Bermondsey. My parents married in this church in 1947.

The Norwegian Church, Rotherhithe. Originally for sailors from the nearby docks to use. Still a church, and also a centre for the culture of Norway.

35 thoughts on “More Of ‘My’ London

  1. (1) They seem to I that teaching grammar be something of a past.
    (2) The three boys grew up. One day, a baby arrived on their doorstep with a note revealing that it was the result of a tryst that occurred during a Shakespeare festival. The men had no choice but to toy with the baby.
    (3) You have to work if you want to afford to buy work clothes, but you need work clothes in order to work. (It took me a while to work that out due to the chicken-or-the-egg nature of the problem.)
    (4) I don’t see any elephants at the self-service supermarket, although those ladies should consider losing a few pounds.
    (5) How many children did the milkman father? He seems to be very popular with the ladies!
    (6) St. James’s Church looks to be very solid. If only the Holy Trinity were just as solid…
    (7) Many tools were used by carpenters when building the Norwegian Church, including St. Olav’s square.

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  2. I saw a photo recently of my old school in Earl’s Court. It had separate entrances marked “Bos” and “Girls” though I don’t recall that we were expected to use one or the other. I can still picture the 3 classrooms I was in and one or two of the children and teachers. It sometimes feels as if that little girl was someone else, not me. Thank you for these latest pics.

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    1. My junior school had separate entrances, and we did have to use them. We also had to line up in the playground separately, before the teachers allowed us into the building. But then the classes were mixed, so it was all rather pointless. 🙂
      (A hangover from the Victorian era, undoubtedly.)
      Best wishes, Pete.


        1. My dad was a regular soldier from 1936. He was sent to India in 1941, so had an ‘easy war’. I don’t think he ever forgave my mum for making him leave the army though. She didn’t want to become an army wife.

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    1. Yes, I used to help my mum stick Green Shield and S&H pink stamps into books. Then we took them to the special shops to choose ‘gifts’ from the catalogue. (Most of them later became Argos stores.)
      Best wishes, Pete.

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