Sunday Musings In August

Tomorrow should be the last day of the current heatwave. High temperatures since Thursday have meant going out much earlier with Ollie. Despite that, he is still feeling the heat, and his fur is moulting like mad. Other than his walk and a break to eat his dinner, he is sleeping away the rest of the days, too hot to be bothered to do anything.


Not unlike my dog, I have also had no energy to do anything in the excessive heat and bright sunshine. It has been too hot to contemplate gardening outside, or to do much housework inside.


Regular readers will know that I finally received my renewed driving licence, which is now valid until 2025. I should have been jumping for joy after the 7-month ordeal of trying to renew it. But the DVLA put me through so much stress, I doubt I will ever forgive them for it.


Next week on Wednesday, my fingers will be crossed yet again, as my 15 year-old car has to get through the annual government roadworthiness check, and have a full service. Every year I get the sinking feeling that they will find something (expensively) wrong with it, and we need it for our short holiday coming up in September.


I will also be watching the live-stream of my Aunt’s funeral on Monday. I am unable to attend, as it is being held in West London. That is too far for a comfortable day trip in potentially heavy traffic, and it would mean leaving Ollie for too long on his own. (Julie will be at work.)


Wherever you are, and whatever you are doing, I wish you a peaceful Sunday.


50 thoughts on “Sunday Musings In August

  1. (1) Here in the U.S., criminals no longer fear the Heat.
    (2) I spent much of my Saturday afternoon in a private swimming pool. And the temperature was perfect.
    (3) The DVLA doesn’t beg for your forgiveness. They just beg for your money.
    (4) First the DVLA, and now the “roadworthiness” check? You’d better cross your toes and eyes, too! (Also, praying at St. James’s Church or the Norwegian Church could’t hurt.)
    (5) Something about a live-stream funeral sounds really weird. But at least you buried this five paragraphs down in your post.
    (6) As long as my injured thumb, which is throbbing, doesn’t cause me to scream in pain, thereby rattling the walls of the house, I should have a peaceful Sunday.

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  2. Sorry to hear of your aunt’s passing Pete. Thank goodness the temperature is going to cool a bit in a few days, I’ve cancelled a trip out tomorrow because of the heat. Meanwhile the Aircon is on constantly…

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  3. sorry about the news of your aunt’s passing and I’m glad that you’ll be able to see it online. I had to do that during covid and I was pleased that I was able to see the memorial. our heat wave has broken and glad yours is near, it is truly so hard on every living thing. glad about your license even if the department is filled with idiots.

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  4. Good luck with your car. I can vouch for the heavy traffic – 7 hours on Friday to drive 200 miles (usually takes around 3 and a half to 4 hours). I went out this morning at 07:45 for a half hour bike ride and then a half hour walk. It was already too hot for me then, and I’m staying inside now until this evening when I have to venture out again for my granddaughter’s birthday party. Happy Sunday!

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  5. It hasn’t got higher than 28C here, but that’s hot enough for me. I took the opportunity to clean our Velux windows the other day as there was no wind. Ended up soaked through from sweating, that’s the extent of my housework this month!

    Good luck with the car. Mine sailed through the MOT, had a service then broke down 3 weeks later! Should get it back this week. 7 weeks without a car is horrible living where we do. 🙁

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    1. 7 weeks with no car must be an ordeal there, Jude. It would be bad enough here, but at least I could walk into town in an hour, or get one of the all-too rare buses.
      It was 25C at 10pm last night, but I slept okay with a fan at the end of the bed.
      Best wishes, Pete. x


      1. We can get buses at the holiday village which is a 20 minute walk downhill, but a 30 minute stiff walk back up! Hourly to St Ives and Penzance, less frequent to Hayle, but we avoid those places during the school holidays. Thank goodness for online grocery deliveries!

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  6. It’s our annual regatta this weekend, so no doubt town will be chockablock as usual, especially with the weather being good [not for all, of course]. As long as the sea fret keeps away, Hannah should be rowing, so I’ll be walking down with them. All the best to you, Pete. Cheers, Jon.

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      1. Thanks, Pete, but I think I will only enjoy watching Hannah row: other than that, there will be too many people around, with all the associated irritations, so I’ll be glad to [literally] get out of town as quickly as possible! 😉

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