April Musings On A Sunday

It has been a quiet week. Other than taking Ollie to the Vet, which I already wrote about on the blog, nothing much has happened. I am continuing with his ear-ash treatment, but it is hard to tell if there is much improvement so far.


I got my first insect bite of the season yesterday. Despite taking the Vitamin B tablets to ward off any biters, something was able to get my right instep even though I was wearing socks and trousers. I suspect it was in the woodland area, where some strong sunshine had woken up a large number of small flying insects.


There has been a gradual improvement in the weather, but it has still been cold until midday. Since last October when we put the heating on, it has felt like an extra-long winter.


Julie took her grandchildren to a Farm-based adventure park yesterday, then stopped over at her daughter’s. Ollie and I had a longer walk, followed by me doing some housework. He has never got used to the vacuum cleaner, and always runs away when it gets close. But he is so determined to stick close to me at all times, he makes himself suffer by always being so close to the machine. I wish he would just not bother so much about it, but I think most dogs hate them. With their acute hearing, it must sound like a jet plane has started up.


I hope you have a pleasant Sunday, and some nice weather.


51 thoughts on “April Musings On A Sunday

  1. I’m back in Barcelona, now, and the weather isn’t too bad (we desperately need rain, though), but it can get chilly in the evenings. It seems as if it was warmer last month, but we shall see. Poor Ollie! I also suffer bites, even though I don’t live in the countryside, but we have plenty of mosquitoes here as well…

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  2. It’s been a colder start to spring here than is typical. Last night we even had hail. And nothing scares my cats as much as the vacuum cleaner! Pull it out and they disappear! Didn’t realize dogs reacted the same way, but makes sense that it’s due to their keen hearing.

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  3. Our cats all go into hiding as soon as we start picking up in preparation to vacuum! Like Don, I have to turn my hearing aids off before I start vacuuming! Poor Ollie. Still, it sounds like you and he had a nice, peaceful day! Hope your week ahead is a good one!

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  4. Our dog is terrified of the hoover, she was a rescue so not sure if it’s just the noise or something else. As soon as she sees it she runs and hides. We close all the doors to keep her secure and calm.

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  5. (1) The people of Pompeii got more than just an ear-ash treatment.
    (2) You know what the B in Vitamin B stands for? Bite!
    (3) Vegas is known for wrestling matches. Right now, Summer is wrestling with Spring, and I’m betting on Summer to win!
    (4) We could gather all the stars and planets in the cosmos if we could first figure out a way to suck up all that space between them with a vacuum cleaner. (Wouldn’t you like to visit Canis Major?)
    (5) The weather is nice and warm here. I have a ton of things to do here at home, but I hope to find time to get out for a walk. (Maybe I could wok to Chinatown?)

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  6. That is so sweet that Ollie wants to be with you no matter what. With so many advancements in technology, you’d think they could have come up with a silent vacuum cleaner. I hate the noise myself, Your long Winter leads in to my long Summer. Each time I feel a moan coming on I remind myself that Summer is much loved by most people. Seattle’s climate suited me for a long time as it was moderate with rare extremes but then the summers got long, hot and dry. Smoke from wildfires. Partly why I left. And since I’ve been here the West Coast has been having harsh winters with more snow than here!

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  7. Vinnie and Winnie used to run away when I got the hoover out, but once they learned that it wasn’t going to suck them up they stopped bothering about it. They don’t like the lawn mower though! Hope Ollie’s ear is better soon, and put some Avon Skin So Soft on beefore you go out, it helps deter the bugs.

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  8. The grand dog is a burly, deep voiced German Shepherd who turns into a whimpering mass of fur over vacuum cleaners. Mine could care less and will lay on the floor in my direct vacuuming path. Once bumped with it one will find another room, the other will pounce and bark at it. I’m always amazed at how whatever it is that bites me gets to the places it bites. I figure only ants could do it. Here’s one – when I smoked, flying insects avoided me, even if I wasn’t smoking. About a year after I quit they have found me irresistible🤣

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  9. I never knew about vitamin B for insects …do you have access to a topical over the counter medicine called “Deet” for such things? —Dogs are very devoted and they definitely will voluntarily suffer some discomfort to be near their humans. I am glad to see any positive change in the weather. It has been a long winter for sure.

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