Thinking Aloud On a Sunday

Had enough.

I woke up early with painful leg cramp this morning, and couldn’t get back to sleep. It is a warm and sunny day, but I couldn’t care less.

I am moany, grumpy, and fed up to my back teeth.

Still tired and sleepy, despite twice as much sleep as normal. Exhausted from doing very little, and zero enthusiasm to do more.

The PC and keyboard problems are stopping me being able to comfortably write my serial, so by the time that is back again, I expect everyone will have lost track of it.

And to add to that, my comments are failing to appear on at least a dozen sites.

I should be excited about a new computer arriving next week, but I’m not in the least. More tech to struggle with, at a time when I feel little inclination to do anything of the kind.

I have a noise in my left ear that sounds like the tide coming in, and a niggling headache that won’t seem to go away.

Fed up doesn’t even begin to cover it.

I have had enough.

Sorry, but all that just had to come out.


You may remember that I was too tired to post an episode of my serial the other night.

Then I woke up feeling much perkier yesterday.

But by 9 pm, I felt completely exhausted, and could hardly keep my eyes open.
I was in bed and asleep not that long after 10 pm.

I slept for over 12 hours, without stirring. When I got up late this morning, I felt as if I hadn’t even been asleep. As the day went on, I did my usual stuff on the blogs, feeling sleepier than ever.

But Ollie has to go out. So I had a bath, got dressed, and took him over to his usual favourite places. After 30 minutes, I had to sit down on a fallen tree, and could easily have stretched out and slept on it. But I had to press on, for Ollie’s sake.

After 90 minutes, I was so tired, I had to come home.

I don’t have a cough.
I don’t have a high temperature.
I don’t feel unell.

But I found this online.

‘According to the WHO, the most common symptoms of Covid-19 are fever, tiredness and a dry cough.’

Oh dear…

I will let you know what happens. Meanwhile, there may not be any more blog posts from me today.

My holiday: The delay

I would like to have put up some posts about my trip to The Lakes by now, but it was not to be. I logged on to my computer on Sunday to find 470 unanswered emails, 90% of them to do with my blog, or blogs I follow. I am not complaining, believe me, but it has taken the better part of two days to sort them out; to reply, comment, and thank those who emailed me. As well as the 17 new followers, who I really do appreciate.

As I write this post, I still have ten emails unanswered, with more popping up every few minutes. I have really tried my best to comment on everyone’s posts, or just to add a like, where appropriate. In the meantime, I have been deleting unwanted photos from my trip, and sorting others into the appropriate days, or scenes.

I already have notes from the holiday, and will endeavour to do each day justice, even if the photos eat into my wordpress allowance. This was something unusual, something special, and it deserves my full attention. The photos are simple tourist shots, unaltered, and straight from the camera. Some are not great, admittedly. Others are more than acceptable. They are what they are, given the prevailing conditions, and I will be happy to stand by them.

It has taken me all this time to recover from all the walking, the hill climbing, the early starts, and the unaccustomed gradients, Despite that, I am looking forward to many forthcoming posts, with photos celebrating the wonderful part of the UK called The Lake District. Just bear with me…

Late summer lethargy

As the shortest summer I can ever remember draws to a close, I am beginning to anticipate our short holiday in Kent, in early September. The change of scene, and the time spent together, will make for a welcome break from routine. Despite many dry days recently, and a return of the warmer weather we enjoyed in late May, it has been a summer that passed without notice. Heavy rain throughout July lost us one of the months, and most of June wasn’t that memorable either. So far, August has been marked by a lot of grey, heavy sky, uncomfortably warm nights, and the constant threat of rain that rarely appears.

Since being laid low recently by the virus of some kind, I have not really got back on my feet, or returned to the form before the short period of feeling unwell. I am still tired after a good sleep overnight, and I feel as if I have no energy at all. Routine jobs have become a bind, and even Ollie’s walks have been tiresome, and less paced, with me seeking out benches to sit on more than I ever did before. As a result, those jobs inside and outside the house have started to pile up. Despite resolving daily to do this, or tackle that, nothing is getting done. Getting up earlier to allow more time to do them hasn’t helped at all. I have simply felt tired for longer. Even the prospect of my few hours at the windmill on Friday seems like a daunting task, instead of a pleasant morning out.

The hedges are overdue a cut. Growing fast after the rain, they appear unkempt and shabby. The back patio needs weeding, as the small green shoots have now grown into fully-formed plants between the gaps in the slabs. Garden furniture needs sanding and staining, ready for the coming change in the seasons, and the grass has suddenly popped up again, with the lawn resembling a wild meadow. In nine days time, we have visitors from my family. I am not about to present them with their first sight of our house in this condition, so I going to have to seriously raise my game, starting this weekend. Perhaps once I get started, I might rediscover some of the lost energy. I can only hope so.

It is a shame that I am not a famous artist, or bohemian writer. If I was, I could retire to a chaise longue, and place the back of my hand against my forehead, as I gaze listlessly through the window.

Then others would say it was ‘ennui.’