Easter Greetings

During the last week, I have completed, and published, a series of blog posts about the three marriages, and the other two serious relationships, that I have had during my life. The series was named ‘Third time lucky’, after a comment from my late mother. This has been an exacting process, emotionally, as well as physically and mentally, with the actual work of re-writing drafts, adding new sections and corrections, and typing it all up.

It has been both nostalgic, and uncomfortable. Reflecting on bad decisions, unpleasant personality traits, and constant failure, is never an easy thing, even in small doses. To cover a period of almost forty years, from my twenties to retirement, has left me lost in reverie, yet cleansed of so much also. Typing up five articles, amounting to well over 12,000 words, has been something of a marathon too.

If any reader gets anything from it; if they find out more about me, or better still themselves, by reading it all, then that will be rewarding. Should none of this happen, I will have achieved something for myself, a re-evaluation of relationships, behaviour, aspirations, and the hopes and fears of an entire life. I am very glad that I did it.

It is also somehow appropriate that this should be at Easter, a traditional time of celebration of resurrection. I have no religious beliefs whatsoever, but I cannot fail to feel a connection, that I was unaware of, when I began these articles last week.

For all of you out there in the blogging world, my own literary ‘friends’, followers, ‘likers’, and anyone else that happens across this by chance, I send you my Easter Greetings. Whatever your beliefs, and however you plan to celebrate, I wish you a happy and peaceful time.

17 thoughts on “Easter Greetings

  1. That sounds like a great series of posts– will scroll down and read them. It is better to be able to learn a lesson by watching than by going through the storm ourselves. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Great series of posts, I would not have the courage to revisit and analyse as you have. I don’t think constant failure is a fair summary – personalities and circumstances shaped direction too. Unpleasant traits – we all have some, most of us bury them, so well done, epic and worthwhile. Happy Easter, look forward to more of your posts, cathartic or otherwise. Tx


    1. Thanks Tracey, and for enduring a lot of reading, and my self-examination. It did feel epic, though mainly in the sense of exceeding a usual size or scope! Regards, Pete. X


  3. OK Brian, Gambon is 12 years older than me, born 1940, Berkoff is even older, born 1937, so is the same age as Anthony Hopkins. I cannot think of someone from the 1950’s, who might be appropriate. Any ideas?


  4. Dear Pete, a tour de force! I have enjoyed this series of blogs immensely. Thank you for persevering with it and I’m glad that you have found the process cathartic. And, yes, a very apposite time of the season! Love and bright blessings to you on this Good Friday. xo


  5. ‘Third Time Lucky’ . . I feel like I’ve been on a fantastic journey with you my friend and one which amazed and entertained me, thank you.
    Thank you for your courageous honesty and for laying naked before us readers, it must have been cathartic and abreactive for you.
    Thanks also for your irenic greeting at this particular juncture of the year which has a far more ancient essence than that concerning JC.
    To you and Julie I wish a sublime spring and much love xx


  6. Pete: for me, this marriage four-parter is without doubt the best blog yet. Cathartic for you and for the reader, thoroughly absorbing. Brian C


      1. Pete: Part 1-4 will be a hard act to follow but I’m sure you’re up to it. In blogging terms, honesty really has proved to be the best policy. Your writing has a warm, free-flowing feel about it and I can just imagine myself listening to the radio with Michael Gambon narrating your autobiography. Go for it. Brian C


        1. What made me think of Mr Gambon was his performance in “The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover”. He’s not that old is he? Also, no one would actually see him on the radio. However, I’m sure Mr Berkoff would make a great surrogate, or even that acquisitive Welshman Anthony Hopkins. The important thing is to get the ball rolling quickly. Brian C


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